Amarillo Drug Laws

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Behaviors prohibited by drug laws in Amarillo include the possession of drugs or dangerous drugs. That one is not supposed to have. In addition to possession, other actions are prohibited such as possessing the drugs. Having the intent to deliver them, manufacturing the drugs, or having the tools, equipment, and materials to manufacture drugs.

Drugs are put into penalty groups. If the drug an individual possesses is found in one of the penalty groups and they do not have a prescription for it or it is illegal, it qualifies as an illegal drug in Amarillo. For more information about Amarillo drug laws and how an attorney could help you, call today. A seasoned drug attorney could fight for your rights and help you build a strong defense.

Possessing Prescription Drugs

Exceptions allow certain people to legally interact with specific drugs. When someone has a prescription from a doctor for something like Valium, Xanax, hydrocodone, some steroids, or Ritalin, they can have the drug as long as they have a prescription for it. Sometimes when a person is traveling, they put all of their pills into an unmarked bottle or a pill case. If they are pulled over for a traffic stop and a police officer finds a container of pills with no prescription the individual could be arrested if one of the pills is a controlled substance. Over-the-counter medications that anyone can get are legal to possess.

Drug Penalties

Some drugs are penalized more harshly than others. The penalties one faces for different drugs are based on the weight. An individual could have a first-degree felony amount of methamphetamines and a felony amount of marijuana. The penalties depend on whether the individual found with illegal drugs has the intent to distribute or manufacture. Cases that involve medically approved but abused drugs in Amarillo are treated most seriously. Texas is known as one of the harshest states regarding the penalty ranges for drugs.

Drug possession in a drug-free zone in Texas could result in more severe penalties. Examples of drug-free zones are daycare centers, schools, churches, video arcades, and playgrounds. Drug-free zones are places where the presence of drugs is viewed more severely by the authorities because children and students are often present. The punishments are enhanced for selling or possessing drugs in a drug-free zone.

How are Drug Crimes Treated in Amarillo?

When someone violated the drug laws in Amarillo, they should expect to face significant penalties. Law enforcement and prosecutors take drug offenses very seriously. A defendant needs to obtain an attorney who understands that govern the case and possible constitutional issues. Also, the lawyer should have a relationship with the district attorney to work out a just result for the defendant.

A person facing a drug charge needs to have an attorney who understands what they face. They want a lawyer who can help them evaluate whether the deal offered by a district attorney is a good one or whether they should go to trial. An accomplished attorney will be able to build a strong defense for drug charges.

Local Laws Impacting Amarillo Drug Cases

Local laws or practices could affect drug crime cases across the counties including the Texas panhandle. The main practice that currently affects an individual is that local and state police agencies target drivers in the I-40 Corridor on 27 down to Garza County. In other parts of the state, it is the same. Law enforcement officers pull people over for the smallest infractions and try to get an arrest on drug charges.

Because many states allow the use of marijuana and THC for recreational or medical use, people go to those states and buy drugs. They are surprised when they are charged with a drug offense in Texas because they bought the drug legally in one of those states. As soon as they cross the state line into Texas, the drug is not legal. It does not matter that they bought it legally somewhere else. Call a lawyer to learn more about Amarillo drug laws and how a legal professional could help.