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As states have progressively begun to legalize marijuana. Manufacturers have come up with various innovative means by which to deliver tetrahydrocannabinol THC to consumers. Such as by including it as an ingredient in teas and juices. Regardless of the delivery method. However, THC in any form is considered a controlled substance under Texas law and punished accordingly. A conviction could lead to incarceration, fines, and the creation of a permanent felony criminal record.

As these repercussions can be severe, consulting a skilled criminal defense lawyer may be highly advisable. By retaining an Amarillo marijuana teas and juices lawyer. You may be able to minimize the impact of these charges on your life.

THC Teas and Juices in Amarillo

In some cases, marijuana drinks may consist of loose-leaf marijuana that individuals have brewed into teas or infused into juices. Other teas and juices, however, may contain THC concentrates or extracts, which can result in the drinks producing a high. Since Texas classifies THC concentrates and extracts as Penalty Group 2 controlled substances, even a small amount can result in high-level felony charges.

When measuring the amount of THC in a product determine the appropriate criminal charges based on weight. Law enforcement authorities weigh the THC itself and the adulterants and diluents. As a result, even a minimal amount of THC could lead to felony charges, simply because the THC was present in a large glass of tea or juice. A marijuana teas and juices lawyer in Amarillo may be able to help individuals who are facing charges for possessing cannabis drinks.

Criminal Charges and Penalties

Texas Health and Safety Code § 481.103 categorizes all tetrahydrocannabinol in Penalty Group 2, except for marijuana. As a result of this classification, any products containing any amount of THC, including teas and juices, result in felony charges.

More specifically, if individuals possess THC in the following amounts, they will face increasingly higher felony charges and accompanying penalties:

  • State jail felony for less than one gram of THC
  • Third-degree felony for between one and four grams of THC
  • Second-degree felony for between four and 400 grams of THC
  • First-degree felony for 400 grams or more of THC

These charges carry potential penalties of 180 days in state jail to a life prison sentence, depending on the weight of the THC plus adulterants or dilutants. All these offenses can result in a fine of up to $10,000. As a marijuana teas and juices attorney in Amarillo can explain, a felony conviction also carries additional collateral consequences, including ineligibility to possess firearms and an automatic license suspension.

Contact an Amarillo THC Teas and Juices Attorney for Advice

Charges for possession of THC-containing drinks are entirely different from those for possessing cannabis flowers. As a result, you could face years in prison and thousands in fines if convicted of possessing THC, along with other unwanted consequences. An Amarillo THC teas and juices lawyer may be able to evaluate your situation and create a defense strategy that is most likely to benefit you.