Contacting an Amarillo Drug Possession Attorney

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Texas authorities take controlled substance offenses seriously, and simple possession could lead to jail time. If you were caught with illicit substances or accused of possession. You should not risk speaking to police without a skilled defense attorney by your side. Contacting an Amarillo drug possession attorney should be your next step.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney Quickly

It is important to contact an experienced drug possession lawyer as soon as the person is charged or questioned by the authorities. There may be powerful evidence available in the case, but anything not gathered by the police can dissipate rather quickly. Witnesses who are not listed in the police report, videos, and surveillance footage have to be sought out immediately.

A defense attorney can go to the area in question to see if there are any surveillance cameras. Either privately owned or at a business. If the camera owner will not give the video voluntarily. Then a lawyer could get a subpoena issued in order to obtain that evidence and save it. Police may wait several weeks or months after an investigation to formally file charges. In that time, the evidence may have disappeared.

For example, consider a case in which a driver was stopped for speeding. The speed limit was 65 miles an hour, but the sign was knocked down and laying in the grass. There was nothing to tell the driver that the speed limit changed from 75 to 65 mph. As soon as this occurred, attorneys were retained and they sent an investigator out to the area where they found the sign. Took pictures of it, and found several witnesses who verified they knew that sign had been down. The lawyer’s office actually notified law enforcement that the sign was down so they could move forward on the case.

This particular defense may not have been available if attorneys did not begin working the case quickly. It is important to start the investigation immediately. Because much of the evidence will disappear if someone waits weeks or even months.

How an Attorney Builds a Strong Defense

An attorney is going to consider the evidence with which to build a defense strategy. Every case is different, and what works as a defense in one case may not work in another. An experienced criminal defense lawyer usually is part of a firm and probably has full-time investigators who are assigned to work cases.

During the initial consultation with the client, the lawyer will decide, based on the facts of the case, whether they will be challenging the stop or the search warrant. Other lawyers in the firm may be working on mitigation, which is also critical. Potential mitigating factors include the defendant’s goodwill, good behavior, and community involvement. This information can be used in negotiations with the District Attorney’s office.

Call an Amarillo Drug Possession Attorney

If you were arrested for possessing an illicit substance, you should leave your future to chance. Without a strong defense, you could face heavy fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. Contact an Amarillo drug possession attorney today to discuss your case.