Amarillo Drug Possession Penalties

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Amarillo drug possession penalties are more severe than most other jurisdictions. Texas is one of the hardest states in terms of the penalties it assesses for possession of drugs and the different categories. It is important to understand that there are many ways that drug charges could be enhanced.

The penalty for having a drug that is a Class A or Class B misdemeanor includes up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. If a person has a significant amount of drugs and it is a more serious drug like heroin or cocaine, they could be facing a felony drug charge. A felony drug charge could carry a fine of up to $10,000 and 99 years in jail.

If you are facing penalties, you should reach out to an experienced drug lawyer today.

Impact of a Drug Possession Conviction

A drug possession conviction can affect an individual’s life in several ways. A person facing a drug charge is going to be dealing with a significant amount of personal stress. They are also going to be dealing with the social stigma associated with a drug possession conviction.

A drug conviction can impact a person’s ability to obtain a job, rent an apartment, get a student loan, or own a handgun. A conviction could also affect the individual’s family life.

A conviction can have a negative impact even if the person gets their case resolved without jail time. If they are given probation, they will have to report monthly to a probation officer and make payments. A conviction could also lead to a driver’s license suspension. People who work in the oil fields may lose their jobs because they have to drive company vehicles that require they do not have a suspended license.

It is crucial for an individual facing drug possession penalties in Amarillo to reach out to a lawyer who has experience building a drug possession defense.

Is there any Diversion or Alternative Sentencing Programs Available?

Diversion or alternative sentencing programs are available for people charged with drug possession for the first time. It depends on how much the person possesses and whether they have a criminal history.

How to Protect One’s Rights in Drug Cases

When someone is approached by the police for whatever reason. They should protect their constitutional rights by not answering questions or giving information other than their name, address, and date of birth. The person should be polite to the officer and be cooperative. However, it is still crucial that they do not give any information that could be used against them.

If a law enforcement officer tries to search their car, they need to articulate that they do not consent to that search. The person should contact a lawyer because an attorney could help protect one’s rights.

An Amarillo Lawyer Could Help People Facing Drug Possession Penalties

If you are facing Amarillo drug possession penalties, you should reach out to an accomplished defense lawyer. An attorney could fight for you and help you get your charges reduced or dropped. Call today and set up your consultation.