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Prescription drug cases are becoming more and more common due to the opioid epidemic. These charges can range from illegally possessing drugs without a prescription to doctor shopping in an attempt to obtain more prescriptions.

Amarillo authorities are cracking down on drug offenses. Under Texas law, someone could face years in prison for possession alone. This makes it crucial for defendants to retain an attorney who has the skill and experience needed to craft a credible defense. For help with your case, contact an Amarillo prescription drug lawyer today.

How Amarillo Authorities Treat Prescription Drug Charges

Amarillo law enforcement is very aggressive with prescription drug charges. Their diligence is obvious in their interactions with defendants on video. For example, police officers who found a prescription pill bottle have tried to determine if the bottle had the correct number of pills or the correct dosage. If the prescription is for 5 mg Oxycontin and the drug in the prescription bottle is 10 mg, police can charge someone with possession of an illegal drug.

Another example is a person who has a valid prescription for the drug but was carrying the pill in their pocket or a Ziploc bag. Under Texas law, if an officer wanted to, they could charge someone with possession of an illegal substance because that substance is not in the original prescription bottle. In this situation, the person should be able to have the charges dismissed by proving they had a legal prescription. However, an arrest alone can be an overwhelming ordeal.

Building a Defense for Prescription Drug Charges

Attorneys begin their defense strategy based on the individual circumstances of the case. For example, if police charged someone with drug possession during a traffic stop. A lawyer could examine the stop to determine if it was legal or not. If there were problems with police procedure, evidence obtained during the encounter may be inadmissible.

Another important aspect of a quality defense is mitigation. In some situations, the facts of the case are all on the side of the prosecution. Even if it is not possible to present evidence of innocence, an attorney could show the court that the defendant is a good person and deserves leniency. For example, if the defendant was addicted to the drug. An attorney may try to show that they are taking steps to be rehabilitated and present the court with a clean drug screen. An attorney could put in the work to raise any applicable legal defenses and help mitigate any potential penalties.

Contact an Experienced Amarillo Prescription Drug Attorney

Building a quality defense for a prescription drug case is much like putting together a puzzle. An attorney examines all the facts, looks at the case from every angle. Then assembles all of the pieces into a strong defense plan.

If you were charged with possession of a controlled substance, you should not leave your case to chance. Contact a dedicated Amarillo prescription drug lawyer for helping working towards a positive resolution.