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In America, the law presumes that anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, including when the defendant is accused of a sex crime. False allegations are rare, but the stigma of sex crimes can cause people to rush to judgment and assume guilt before a trial even takes place. A Denton sex crimes lawyer could fight to protect you from the impact a sex crime charge can have on your professional and personal life.

Potential Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

The consequences of a sex crime conviction can be both short-term and long-term. Like the rest of Texas, Denton imposes heavy penalties for sex crimes.

Even after they serve their sentence, offenders will likely have to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives. Anyone can search the sex offender database and find the name, address and photograph of a convicted sex offender. A convicted sex offender may find that their inclusion in this registry continues to impact their private life, standing in the community, and ability to find work long after they finish serving their sentence.

When facing charges for a sex crime, it may be vital to contact a lawyer with expertise in sex crimes as soon as possible. A qualified sex crimes attorney in Denton could provide expert legal advice about sex crimes, and may be able to advise you on the best defense possible and advocate on your behalf in the court room.

Sex Crimes and the Texas Penal Code

The Texas Penal Code lays out the various sex crimes in Denton. Sex crimes cover a wide range of offenses, not just rape and sexual assault.

Some people are surprised to learn that there are many misdemeanor sex crimes in Denton. For example, the offense of Public Lewdness bans “sexual contact” in a public place. Because of this law, a married couple engaging in consensual sexual activities in a parked car could find themselves arrested and charged with a sex crime.

Regardless of which sex crime someone is charged with. Therefore, it may be important that they contact a Denton sex crimes attorney for expert legal advice and assistance.

Specific Sex Crimes Defined by Denton Law

Texas Penal Code §§22.011 and 22.021 define the crime of sexual assault. Which includes rape and other forms of non-consensual sexual contact.  Penetration is not necessary for the crime of sexual assault to occur.

Other sex crimes defined in the Texas Penal Code include but are not limited to:

  • Criminal solicitation of a minor (under 17) (TPC §15.031)
  • Indecent exposure (TPC §21.08)
  • Improper photography or visual recording (TPC §21.15)
  • Prohibited sexual conduct (TPC §25.02)
  • Prostitution (TPC §43.02)
  • Obscene display or distribution (TPC §43.22)
  • Sale, distribution, or display of harmful material to minor (under 18) (TPC §43.24)
  • Possession or promotion of child pornography (TPC §43.26)

Build a Strong Defense with a Denton Sex Crimes Attorney

An experienced Denton sex crimes lawyer could represent anyone accused of sex crimes. Furthermore, your lawyer could fight to ensure that you are treated fairly and battle to clear your name. As well as getting your sentence reduced.

A sex crime conviction can have serious consequences. But you are guaranteed by law a chance to defend yourself against them. Contact a Denton sex crimes attorney today to receive professional legal advice and give yourself the chance of the best possible outcome for your case.