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Not every criminal allegation involves a form of violence. In fact, there is an entire class of criminal offenses in Lubbock that aim to punish financial crimes that affect only property. That would be called white-collar crimes. Even though these offenses are non-violent, the penalties upon conviction can be harsh.

White-collar crimes typically involve misappropriation of funds or forms of theft that may affect a business. In these cases, it may be helpful to work with an experienced criminal attorney who can dedicate the time and resources needed to mount an effective defense.

A Lubbock white collar lawyer could help you to protect your future and your reputation. They can work to discover the truth behind the accusations and tailor a defense to those facts.

Examples of White-Collar Crimes

The term “white-collar crime” encompasses a collection of criminal offenses that are mainly financial in nature. Perhaps the most straightforward of all these is fraud.

According to Texas Penal Code Chapter 32, fraudulent activities include actions intended to deceive a target out of their property or money. Examples can include forgery, issuing a bad check, and deceptive business practices.

White-collar crimes can also include more direct forms of theft, such as embezzlement. This offense occurs when someone entrusts their property to another and the holder takes it for themselves or uses it in a non-approved way. Under Texas Penal Code §31.02, courts treat embezzlement charges in the same way as any other theft allegation. A Lubbock white collar attorney could help defendants understand the nature of their offenses and the potential consequences.

Defenses to White-Collar Crimes

Allegations of white-collar crimes require a deft touch from a defense attorney. Building a defense to these charges may center around proper examination and interpretation of financial paperwork. For example, a white-collar lawyer in Lubbock may be able to filter through the evidence and show that any alleged impropriety was simply a mistake or misinterpretation.

Additionally, a lawyer may be able to argue that a defendant lacked the necessary intent to commit a criminal offense. For certain offenses, prosecutors must prove that the defendant intended to break the law in order to secure a conviction. By arguing that the actor did not intend to harm the alleged victim, a defense attorney may be able to achieve a beneficial result.

A Lubbock White Collar Attorney Could Help Protect Your Future

Even though white-collar crimes do not involve violence, instances of supposed theft, bribery, or fraud can bring serious consequences. Many of these allegations are felonies, and a conviction can result in mandatory prison sentences.

If you were charged with a white-collar crime, or you are the subject of an investigation, you should take aggressive steps to protect your freedom. Hiring a Lubbock white-collar lawyer could provide an essential advantage. They could dedicate the necessary time and resources to craft a powerful defense against the charges you face. Whether that involves filing pre-trial motions to exclude evidence or presenting a case to a jury, skilled legal representation can be invaluable. Call today to schedule a consultation.