Lubbock Assault Case Process

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Once somebody is arrested in Lubbock, typically they are taken to the jail. Will see a magistrate who will sign a bond amount, and they will be able to bond out of jail. However, if it is a domestic assault. They have a hold of up to 24 hours before they can bond out of jail.

After these initial steps during the Lubbock assault case process, an individual will need to consult with an attorney to begin mounting a case. An experienced lawyer will be able to help reduce or dismiss any penalties associated with the charge.

Initial Steps After an Assault Arrest

After an individual is bonded out, or if they are going to be in jail for any amount of time. Then the first step is to contact an attorney. One benefit of having an attorney sooner rather than later in the assault case process in Lubbock is the fact that the attorney can begin the investigation quickly. An individual should make sure to discuss the case, as soon as possible. With their attorney so they can receive some guidance on whether or not they need to have any more contact with that person.

There might be witnesses to talk to, and the possibility of a video or security cameras. Some offices have an in-house investigator. They can assist as soon as they are notified and can get access to video tapes. In addition to, witness statements, as well as review the crime scene. It is important to begin this investigation sooner rather than later in the Lubbock assault case process.

Investigative Procedure

Typically, the investigative process during a Lubbock assault case process can be conducted by several entities. The Lubbock Police Department conducts assault investigations at Lubbock as well as the Texas Department Public Safety, the Lubbock Sheriff’s Office if it is a case that is outside the county, and if it is on campus, then it is the Texas Tech Police Department. In some of the smaller cities in Lubbock, a person may have some investigations done by the Wolfforth Police Department. Similarly, the Slaton Police Department.

During the Lubbock assault case process, it is pertinent that both parties collect relevant evidence. Evidence can come from the witness’ statements, the victim’s statements, pictures. As well as any type of video and physical evidence including bite marks or DNA. In addition, there might be security camera video or cell phone video.

Aggravating Factors

The aggravating factors during a Lubbock assault case process can depend on the age of the accuser or the accusee. And whether or not this is the first case or if there have been issues in the past. Also, how severe the case is, what evidence the prosecution might have. Whether or not the accuser or the accused is the person who is making the accusations with a history are possible aggravating factors.

Severity of the Assault Charge

Every case is different, so there are no expectations. Other than the fact that the person has been charged and arrested with assault. Further, Lubbock courts are not necessarily that much harder on assault cases than they are on other cases. When a person gets to the assault investigation. It is because there is a relationship between the individuals. Therefore, the courts are concerned and want to make sure that there is no more family violence or physical violence. West Texas courts, specifically, are tough on crimes.