Lubbock Domestic Violence Arrests

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If you are arrested for domestic violence in Lubbock, there are some things you should keep in mind. You could potentially be facing several protective/restraining orders in order to keep the peace-of-mind of an alleged victim. A potential domestic violence conviction could also jeopardize any current and/or future employment opportunities. A  potential conviction could also remain on a person’s permanent record. And it has the potential to damage any existing personal relationships.

A person could be immediately interrogated by police officers. While it is very important to comply with law enforcement, you are still able to refrain from speaking with law enforcement until you speak with an experienced attorney such as a Lubbock domestic violence lawyer. Contact a knowledgeable lawyer to learn more about Lubbock domestic violence arrests. An engaging consultation could potentially lead to building a solid defense.

Probable Cause

Probable cause can be described as law enforcement’s requirement to have an adequate reason to search someone. In order for probable cause to qualify for an arrest. An officer should have gathered enough evidence that is reasonable and coincides with whatever violation the person is being charged with. Probable cause does not make a person automatically guilty, but it can potentially lead to an arrest.

Expectations Following an Arrest

When someone is arrested on a domestic violence charge, emergency protective orders could potentially be required. In the short term, a person’s right to be in contact with certain people may be restricted. In some cases, a person could potentially be served both a restraining order and a protective order.

Lubbock domestic violence arrests also differ from other arrests in terms of consequences that a person could potentially be facing if convicted.

Importance of Speaking with an Attorney Before Speaking with Law Enforcement

It is important to speak with an attorney when being the subject of Lubbock domestic violence arrests in order to avoid other potential charges. Law enforcement could try to make a person admit guilt instead of finding out what actually happened. By consulting with an attorney, a person may be able to receive legal guidance in order to avoid self-incrimination.

A person has the constitutional right to hire an attorney and is recommended to exercise that right when the situation demands it. However, a person should not forget to cooperate with law enforcement. Just because a person hires an attorney that does not mean that they do not have to cooperate with law enforcement. One should try to be respectful throughout the entire process. If a police officer is trying to abuse their power over someone. That is something to mention to a domestic violence attorney.

The faster an attorney can speak with a person and find out what is going on, the faster the attorney can best be able to intervene and maybe avoid some consequences altogether before decisions regarding protective orders are made by the judge.