Federal Lubbock Domestic Violence Penalties

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Domestic violence is a serious offense no matter whether it occurs on a federal level or a normal level. It is important to consult an attorney when faced with an accusation. If you have been charged with federal domestic violence, consult a skilled domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. Federal Lubbock domestic violence penalties can have serious implications.

A conviction could mean the loss of certain freedoms and liberties. Furthermore, a felony conviction can restrict your access to housing and employment opportunities. Do not let the stigma of a potential domestic violence charge ruin your life. Get in touch with a qualified federal domestic violence attorney. That can fight for the best positive outcome in your case.

Federal Penalties Following a Domestic Violence Conviction

The federal Lubbock domestic violence penalties are felonies. And they come along with restrictions on gun rights and the restriction of other rights. When talking about the consequences of a felony and a federal felony, a person’s right to serve on a jury and the right to serve a jury would be one and in some cases, the right to hold certain jobs, federal jobs, particularly where a person is to be licensed, qualifications to serve in the Armed Forces could be severely limited.

There may be some occupational restrictions; it is not working for the government, but if a person cannot work in a certain occupation when a person is convicted of a felony, there are a lot of consequences that can roll out. It depends on what the person is trying to do and what work the person is involved in as to whether a person is going to bump into one of those what we would call collateral consequences.

Direct Consequences

The direct consequence of a charge, federal or state, against a person in jail or a fine. Those are just direct, but there is a whole category of other consequences and federal Lubbock domestic violence penalties associated with being found guilty or even to being arrested in domestic violence cases that go beyond fines and potential jail time. These consequences include temporary restraining orders and protective orders. These orders can restrict a person’s life and their ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor and their relationships. Loss of certain rights or privileges is not a mandatory fine or jail time, but they are a consequence.

Collateral Consequences

Collateral consequences refer to the fees that an individual may have to pay to do things. For instance, when people go on probation for domestic violence or anything else, the standard fee in Texas is $60 per month and they may want a person to do a random urinalysis and the person would have to pay for that which is $25 per month and they may want the person to take some classes.

In this case, they may have them do a domestic violence class so that it is going to range in how much it costs and those are all collateral consequences of being charged and/or convicted of a crime. If you want to know more about collateral consequences and other federal Lubbock domestic violence penalties, seek the services of a capable defense attorney. An attorney can work tirelessly in an attempt to mitigate the charges you face.