Lubbock Domestic Violence Pre-Trial Release

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If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense, speak with a skilled domestic violence lawyer that could build your defense. Following an arrest, you might not know what steps to take next, but a skilled attorney can help. Speak with a knowledgeable lawyer that can answer any questions you may have about your Lubbock domestic violence pre-trial release.

Arguments an Attorney Might Present After Arraignment

To have someone released after they have been arraigned, a lawyer will argue that there is no danger of the accused fleeing or not appearing for court dates and will be asking for bond amounts to be set so that the person can then be released on that bond. The issues are the likelihood that the defendant would flee, the level of the crime committed, any danger the person might pose in this case to the family that was involved in the alleged offense. So, the attorneys are just trying to clear those issues and make the judge comfortable with the situation so that they feel they can release the person.

Potential Conditions of Release

There are certain terms a person must agree to before their Lubbock domestic violence pre-trial release. Those terms are formally referred to as conditions of release. The conditions are ones that have to do with issues of contact between the accused and their family members. Examples of conditions of release include staying away from the alleged victim, refraining from contacting them electronically, not meeting the alleged victim at work, and refraining from interfering with their work.

There may be some concerns about pets, as sometimes people will try to take revenge on pets. This could be something about not being within a certain amount of feet of that person, restrictions placed on custody of children or being able to be with the children, and those kinds of things. There are a lot of restrictions a judge can put into place to maintain the safety of everybody, particularly in those very early stages of domestic violence charges when the court does not really know exactly what is going on.

What is a No Contact Order?

A no contact order is an order granted by the court that forbids the accused from contacting the alleged victim. This can include direct contact as well as indirect contact through messaging. All of the electronic types of social media, and venues for contacting somebody through friends. So, all of those things are on the table when talking about not contacting somebody. The judge is trying, with a no contact order. To get everybody to cool off a little bit in the heat of the moment.

The orders from the judge have to do with the accused and not their family. So, the family has the freedom to contact the alleged victim, but not the charged person. As long as the contact is not in the direction of the charged person. It does not violate any rules or laws. But again, if a person is getting close to this sort of backdoor attempt to contact the alleged victim. They are on thin ice. Even if an individual is not the subject of a no contact order. It is a good idea to refrain from contacting the alleged victim. In order to ensure that all parties are safe.

Violating a No Contact Order

If a person violates a no contact order, that is a criminal offense. The person will be considered in contempt of court. So they can get thrown back into booking and it is not going to help the person’s case. If a person violates that order, they can be charged criminally. Face contempt charges, and get thrown in jail until they decide that they want to comply.

Violating a no contact order is one of the ways in which people often violate the terms of their Lubbock domestic violence pre-trial release. If an individual has violated a protective order or wants to know more about pre-trial release, they should speak with a seasoned domestic violence lawyer that can answer their questions.