Enforcement of Lubbock Marijuana Possession Cases

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When facing marijuana charges un Lubbock, an individual should have a strong lawyer working on their case. A person has got to make sure that they have the best opportunity to try to keep that conviction off of their record. Ideally, they need a team that is going to look at how the marijuana was found. What the stop was, how they got into the house, and how they got into the car. An experienced marijuana possession lawyer will need to put together a solid mitigation packet and talk to the client as a person.

Lawyers often tell people when the DA sees their file. Which usually means they now know a person’s name and the charge that they have. They do not know about all the good things that they have done in their life. All the good recommendations, and those types of things. They also do not know the things that the person has done since they were arrested. Or charged that might help the person. When facing heavy enforcement of Lubbock marijuana possession cases, an experienced defense is essential.

Punishment Based Prosecution

When prosecuting Lubbock marijuana possession cases. More punishment in Lubbock comes through based upon people bringing back in things such as the edibles. It is extremely important that people understand that unless that it is true, green leafy substance. It is going to be a felony. The only way one can stay in a marijuana misdemeanor is if it is just the weed itself. Once a person gets into the wax, the oil, or the edibles. That is almost always going to be filed as a felony case.

Criminalization of Marijuana

There are some counties that are not as tough enforcement of possession of marijuana as others. There are proposed bills that would remove the potential criminalization of marijuana. So that it is just a non-criminal offense traffic ticket or a non-criminal offense ticket. However, those bills have not passed. It still is a criminal offense in the state of Texas. And it depends on which prosecutor a person is dealing with and which county the person is dealing with. For young people, having something like a marijuana conviction on their record can be devastating in the years to come because it can affect their employment possibilities.

A drug conviction may prevent a person from getting a security clearance. It may prevent a person from being accepted into the military, it may prevent a person from working on their Masters or their PhD. Certainly, it may prevent a person from going into areas such as law enforcement. An attorney would begin a Lubbock marijuana possession case by collecting all necessary information necessary for the case to either get sealed or expunged from their client’s record.

Unique Aspects of Marijuana Possession

There are several aspects of defending marijuana possession cases that are different from defending other drug cases. As a society, more and more people are looking at marijuana as not a hardened criminal drug. Most of us view marijuana differently than say a hard illegal drug— heroin,  cocaine, and methamphetamines. As this has become legal in more states, both legal for recreational use and legal for medicinal use, it tends to lend credence that marijuana should not be treated as harshly as other cases.

However, West Texas is still is a conservative area of the country and so there are still a lot of jurors and people who believe that marijuana is a gateway drug. They are usually tough on local marijuana cases. Therefore, it may be vital to an individual’s case to reach out to an attorney with local experience to plan their defense.

Some judges see marijuana as less dangerous than other hardcore drugs. Some believe that if people start experimenting or using marijuana that they are more likely to then move into other violations, with other hardcore drugs. In Texas, judges are elected and having an established relationship with them can impact the individual’s case.

Building a Defense in Lubbock

The attorney will want to consider whether their client has an addiction problem if they need to go to counseling, Narcotics Anonymous, an outpatient or inpatient program. It is quite common that clients will get sent to get clean urinalysis (UA) to submit to the district attorney’s office as proof of remorse and the ability to remain clear of marijuana usage.

A person needs to get someone or a team of lawyers that communicates well with the person. The toughest thing for clients is that it is the most important thing typically that has happened in their life or one of the most important things, and they just want to be able to communicate with the lawyers and the staff and know what is going on, what is being expected of them, and how the case is being processed instead of just sitting around waiting for the phone will ring one day with some answer from the defense attorney.