License After a Lubbock Third Offense DWI  

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A third offense DWI in Lubbock can jeopardize your license. Ensure your license after a Lubbock third offense DWI is protected by contacting a Lubbock DUI lawyer today.

When a person is arrested for a DWI. The officer will arrest them and then they will read them the DIC 24. But it is a statutory warning. It gives the person who is arrested the consequences of what happens if they provide a sample voluntarily and they are over the legal limit. If they refused to provide a sample, what the consequence is if they have a commercial truck driver’s license. And what the consequence is if they are under 21. And have a detectable amount of alcohol, but not over the 0.08 BAC legal limit.

License Revocation

After the officer reads the DIC 24, what happens to the Lubbock driver’s license after a third offense DWI is dependent on what the individual does. If there is a refusal to give a sample, then the officer will confiscate the Texas driver’s license and will issue a notice of suspension and a temporary driver’s permit. That permit is good for 40 days. However, there is only 15 days from the day of arrest to request a hearing on driver’s license. Should nothing happen using that permit within 40 days, the driver’s license will go in to an automatic suspension on the 41st day and the length of that suspension is determined by how many prior suspensions there have been and when those suspensions have occurred.

If the individual has had a prior Administrative License Revocation Suspension within the last 10 years. Then the suspension will be enhanced—for example, if they refuse to give a sample of their breath or blood. If it is a first offense the Lubbock license would be suspended for 180 days.

But if they refuse to give a sample and they are enhanced, then they would receive a two-year suspension. If a person gave a sample of their breath or blood and they were over the legal limit and they are over the legal limit then. On a first offense, they get a 90-day suspension. On a second or third offense within a 10-year period, they would receive a one-year driver’s license suspension.

Repercussions Affecting Driving Ability

Individuals arrested for a DWI third in Lubbock will be required to use a deep lung device or an interlock device in their vehicle. This is ordered by the court, which is signed by the judge, sent to Department of Public Safety (DPS). And then marked on a person’s driving record.

If the DPS does have proof that the interlocks was installed. They can issue a cancellation for a person’s driver’s license. They will cancel the person’s driver’s license and then issue them an interlock-restricted driver’s license once they are provided proof of the fact that the interlock was installed. A driver’s license can be suspended if the third offense DWI is convicted.

Hiring a Lawyer After a Third Offense DWI

Protect your license after a third offense DWI in Lubbock by contacting a professional Lubbock attorney. They can give you the knowledge and resources you need to challenge a license revocation. To obtain a more positive outcome in your case, obtain assistance from a skilled and dedicated lawyer who could help fight