Lubbock Gun Investigations

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The general investigative measures law enforcement take to determine whether a person possesses a firearm illegally is to run a background check to find out if there is a CDL. They will then determine that individual’s residence.

More often than not, law enforcement will run a background check during a Lubbock gun investigation to find out if a person is a convicted felon and has a CDL. They will take this into consideration where the event is occurring.

If you are facing a gun charge after an investigation, it is pertinent that you consult with a Lubbock gun lawyer as soon as possible.

Investigative Strategies

Law enforcement officers will first ask about the gun in question. If there is a bullet fired through something, damages caused by the bullet, or something else that would lead them to believe that a projectile was shot out of something, they will inquire about the weapon during a Lubbock gun investigation.

There will probably be four or five active officers on the scene searching for a gun. Also, they can get a dog that can smell powder to look for the gun.

There has to be a reasonable suspicion of a weapon to search a person’s car for guns. A reasonable suspicion turns into probable cause, so law enforcement has to have probable cause to search the vehicle. There is also what is called the plain view, which is when officers see a gun barrel. If law enforcement sees the gun when they approach the vehicle, they are allowed to search it.

Under Federal law, a police officer can inspect a person any time they stop a person. If they have a reasonable suspicion to stop a person, they can do a Terry frisk during a gun investigation in Lubbock, which is a pat down to see if a person has a weapon.

Types of Evidence Collected in Lubbock Gun Investigations

The most common type of evidence gathered during a Lubbock gun investigation is ballistic evidence. First, law enforcement will collect the gun. Secondly, if they suspect that a person shot it, they will dust that person for powder residue on their clothing. They will always look for discharge cartridges either from a shotgun shell or from a bullet casing. They mark those as well. This is a general investigation, but that is what law enforcement is looking for along with damages caused by the bullet.

To get such evidence, law enforcement will usually quarantine a scene. They mark it off and begin searching. Law enforcement also have dogs that can sniff for powders, but it is a general search. They can also do what is called a grid search. If it is a larger area, law enforcement will divide up the area and one officer will be responsible for an individual grid.

Sentiment Regarding Guns

Lubbock is a West Texas town, so it is a general belief that people should own and possess firearms. That comes into play in that a person is not frowned upon; they do not think a person is a bad person because they have a weapon.

The statute as a whole is basically an attorney’s or legislator’s interpretation of the law. If a person talks to different attorneys, that person is going to get different interpretations.

Contacting a Lubbock Gun Investigations Lawyer

Any time a person feels like their civil rights are being violated. It is time for them to talk to an attorney. An individual should always be honest and upfront with the officers. Especially when dealing with firearms, because their safety is an issue and they are quicker to arrest a person.

Any time an individual feels like their civil or constitutional rights have been violated during a Lubbock gun investigation, they should look for an attorney.