Gun Laws in Lubbock

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An individual should know that the law allows certain people to possess and operate firearms. This includes people who are not convicted of a felony. Who are not mentally disabled, and who are not on any type of felony probation including a deferred adjudication.

However, the gun laws in Lubbock are also very specific about who can carry those firearms. A person has to have a concealed handgun license if they want to carry a gun in public. Unless they are under the traveling exceptions where it is inside a person’s vehicle. It is strictly enforced as far as any violation of the rules for persons arrested. For example, a person may have a legal right to carry the gun. But if they are intoxicated it can create another subsequent charge.

If you have been charged with a gun-related crime in Lubbock, it is pertinent that you consult with an experienced attorney to ensure your rights are upheld and a successful outcome is fought for.

Changes in the Law

The biggest change in gun laws in Lubbock is the law that moved Lubbock to an open carry state. It is important that individuals understand that open carry does not mean that any individual can be in public carrying their gun in a hip holster.

Open carry means a person has to have a valid concealed handgun permit and be a CHO holder. There are very specific places that a person can and cannot carry guns. Another change is the August 1, 2016 change that allowed concealed handgun carry on certain college campuses and certain locations on campuses.

In the future, more people may be able to carry firearms with fewer restrictions. In Texas, it may continue to be more progressive on where a person can and cannot carry a handgun. However, even though an individual can legally open carry if they have the right permit, it does not happen nearly as much as people might have thought when talking about passing the law.

Possession of a Gun in Lubbock

The gun laws in Lubbock allow for particularly liberal use and possession of firearms. A person is not restricted on how many guns they can own in the state of Texas. Further, an individual is able to have guns in their home and they do not need a permit to keep that gun in their home. Texas and a few other western states are now open carry states, so individuals may be more likely to observe others with an open carry in various public places.

When a person owns a gun and moves to Lubbock from out of state. Since there is no registration required, there is no requirement for those individuals to do anything. A person does not have any report they have to make to the police or complete any sort of registration procedure.

The possession issues in Lubbock are fairly liberal. However, it is when an individual is in the wrong place, in a restricted area, intoxicated. Or in some other violations of the law that a person can get in trouble. The state will observe that situation as an instance where an individual is in violation of the Lubbock gun laws. And will want to make sure that the individual is not in position to hurt another individual.

Further, there is a process of reciprocity for if a person has a concealed handgun license in Texas where they can carry that gun outside the state of Texas.

Ammunition Laws

Certain ammunition is restricted. For example, Hollow Point bullets, the bullets that are for law enforcement, can be restricted. Some other determinations on why someone would not be allowed to possess ammunition in Lubbock would be based on the various calibers or range as well as ammunition for machine guns. The fully automatic guns, for which a person is required to have a federal license to be a federal dealer, are restricted.

Legal Ownership

If a person is a legally certified holder of a fireman. That typically means they are always able to possess ammunition in Lubbock. The only difference might be if it is a certain quantity of ammunition or a certain type of it. In general, if a person is legal to possess a firearm, they are legal to possess and have the ammunition.

The only thing law enforcement does to track the selling and distributing of ammunition around Lubbock is when they go into places like a firearm retailer, because a person has to show that they are legal to buy that product. They have to show that they are above a certain age and certify that they do not have prior felonies or those types of things, but there is no registration list in Texas.

Advice of an Attorney

The most used weapons in Lubbock in a violent crime are a knife or a gun. Gun laws in Lubbock do not necessarily restrict guns from an individual. But once that individual gets into any sort of trouble, it can become much more difficult for the person to legally possess and carry that firearm.

The number one thing an attorney will advise an individual to do is to make sure to take the proper training to know how to operate a gun, and how that gun works. It is important to be comfortable using that gun.

Secondly, it is important that an individual always gets a concealed handgun permit. So that when they are carrying the gun it is a legal carry. A person could carry the gun in a vehicle during some traveling times. But they do not want to be in that situation if driving back and forth to Lubbock.

Finally, an individual should make sure not to violate the law at all when in possession. That means that an individual should not be intoxicated. And know where to go and where not to go when carrying a gun. Therefore, contacting Texas Criminal Defense Group could benefit you.