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Theft is taken very seriously in Lubbock, especially in the form of carjacking. Carjacking is also referred to as UUMV, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. It is typically a state jail felony, which means the range of punishment is no less than 180 days up to two years in state jail. It can be classified as a robbery as well, depending on if they just take the car, that is UUMV, or if they take the car with force, like using a weapon, then they are going to charge that as an aggravated robbery.

The range of punishment is so that a person could go to the Texas Department of Corrections for not less than six months or 180 days, up to two years and they could get a maximum fine of up to $10,000. In the state jail, the individual is not eligible for parole.

Due to these extensive penalties, it is important to consult with a Lubbock carjacking attorney to build a defense against these types of charges. An experienced theft defense lawyer can work hard to maintain a positive outcome in their client’s case.

Elements of Carjacking

The government has to prove that it was unauthorized use in a carjacking case in Lubbock. Showing that there has been some authorized use is the easiest way to defend a UUMV case. If they did not have authorization, the lack of authorization was not specific. It could be a verbal indication of someone allowing another to use their car. Then all of a sudden the one person is still using the vehicle. If the person did not return the vehicle in the first couple of months. Maybe they had implied permission to keep it longer, and those are issues that the state is going to have to prove and that a carjacking lawyer in Lubbock will defense against.

UUMV Charges in Lubbock

A UUMV in Lubbock done with force is going to be an aggravated robbery. That sometimes will be a UUMV filed as a theft case if they keep the car because it deprives. For example, when a person who rents a car at a rent a car place and keeps the car past the deadline. There are hefty fines. The person basically rents a car and keeps it for a fee. But if it goes for a long time, it may be filed as theft because they are basically keeping the value of the vehicle from the rental car company.

Working with an Attorney

A Lubbock carjacking lawyer can help a person stay out of jail and keep that off the person’s record. Sometimes a UUMV is not necessarily an Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. There are a lot of times where there was an authorized use. For example, UUMVs with people who know each other, like when a boyfriend lets his girlfriend use the car. He tells her to be back a certain time and she is not back. He gets mad thinking she is cheating on him, calls the cops, and say, “This person does not have permission to have my vehicle.” One of the things a lawyer needs to know was if there was any permission granted. There are many cases like that, and a Lubbock carjacking attorney can work hard to uncover differences in these cases.