Building a Defense Against Midland Drug Charges

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If you are facing drug charges in Midland, an experienced attorney is essential in helping you build a proper defense. There are a variety of potential penalties and consequences you face if convicted. So you want to be able to build the strongest defense possible from the beginning of your case.

An experienced drug attorney is the best asset to building a defense against drug charges in Midland as they have worked with many drug cases and built a variety of defenses. An attorney specifically trained in these areas can find the holes in the person’s case. And identify any mitigating factors to present to the prosecution.

Benefits of a Possession Attorney

Anyone facing charges should not handle the case themselves. But instead, seek out an attorney in Midland to build their defense. A person charged with illegal drug conduct in Midland may not know exactly what reasonable suspicion is to pull them over or what the probable cause is to search their car and they will not understand their rights as well as an attorney. It helps to have an attorney that knows specifically what to look for to try to get the case thrown out, like for example, if there was a breach in someone’s rights to refuse searches and seizures.

When someone is seeking to lessen their potential penalties or sentencing. An attorney can build a defense against the drug charges in an attempt to mitigate the charges and the client’s image. An attorney can determine the actual measurements for the drug-free zone. Sometimes an alleged drug-free zone is not a designated drug-free zone. The attorney can make sure that the client’s prior offenses being used against them are, in fact, convictions. The attorney can verify that the weight and lab testing were done appropriately.

Fighting Possession Evidence

When there was a traffic stop, an attorney looks at the stop to see if the officer had a reasonable suspicion. The attorney examines whether the officer had probable cause to search the car with the person’s consent. Was the consent granted appropriately or was it coerced? Were the Miranda rights given? The attorney makes sure that everything was done legally.

Potential Resources

Attorneys in Midland have access to legal resources to easily research if needed, which someone facing charges may not have on their own. For a defense, attorneys also have resources they can bring in such as drug experts and expert witnesses who can help to solidify a defense with distinguished opinions from other professionals needed for the case.

Constitutional Issues

Constitutional issues in Midland drug possession cases can occur depending on whether the officer did the stop correctly. And whether the person being arrested was read their Miranda rights. An example would be when they asked for an attorney, however, they continued to be questioned. A person should not agree to a search and should not talk. They should assert their Fifth Amendment rights.

Contacting an Attorney

The first thing someone facing drug charges in Midland should share with their attorney is the truth. They should give all necessary information forward in the case. However, everything is confidential. Any information they can bring to their attorney such as what they did for the community or a solid employment history is helpful. They should tell their attorney any specifics they can remember from the event that they think was not done appropriately.

A person who is just charged with a drug related offense should stay calm and let their experienced attorney build a defense for their drug charge in Midland. Knowing they will work hard to get the best possible outcome for their client.

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