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The movies have often glamorized the world of drugs, but there is nothing glamorous about manufacturing and selling drugs on the streets. It can lead to a life of turmoil, stress, loss of freedom, and long prison sentences.

If you have been tricked by this false image of the drug world and are now facing charges for manufacturing drugs. As well as seek the services of a Midland drug manufacturing lawyer. A distinguished criminal defense attorney can help you turn your situation around and get a second chance in life.

Texas State Law and Manufacturing Drugs

If one is not licensed in Texas, the manufacturing of narcotics or controlled substances is illegal and prohibited. Manufacturing of drugs may include growing, cultivating, or producing drugs to be used by individuals or to make a profit.

Manufacturing or cultivating drugs is a violation of the Texas Controlled Substance Act. Under this law, several drugs are categorized in four penalty groups and carry a different punishment.

The State of Texas must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant manufactured or cultivated the controlled substance with the intent to sell or deliver the drug to another individual.

Texas Controlled Substance Acts

The Texas Controlled Substance Acts interprets delivery of drugs as providing a controlled substance (real or fake) to another person. For example, one can be charged with delivering drugs not only if they hand the drug to another person, but also when they indirectly deliver a controlled substance to an individual.

One can be charged with this crime for giving someone the keys to a vehicle that has drugs in the trunk or backseat. In the Lone Star State, delivering drugs is the same as selling drugs. One can be charged with delivering drugs, even though there was no money exchanged in the transaction.

Defenses for Drug Manufacturing Charges

A Midland drug manufacturing lawyer can create defenses that can explain an individual’s actions for manufacturing drugs in Texas. For example, defenses that may be used in court include:

  • Unemployment or downturn economy
  • Did not realize the drug in question was manufactured or cultivated
  • Did not intend to deliver the controlled substance to another person
  • The drug was medical marijuana or prescribed by a doctor for medical use
  • The drug in question is an approved new drug application under the Federal Food, Drug or Cosmetic Act

Penalties for Manufacturing Drugs in Texas

Texas has some of the strictest penalties for drug-related violations in the nation. Penalties may be harsher depending on the type of drug being manufactured or cultivated. How the drug was cultivated, and past convictions of the defendant.

Punishment can range from 180 days in jail to life in prison. One may have to pay fines between $10,000 and $250,000. A qualified Midland drug manufacturing attorney can attempt to mitigate the penalties that an individual may face.

Contact a Midland Drug Manufacturing Attorney Today

Being involved in manufacturing drugs in Texas can have devastating consequences. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure permits law enforcement to seize any property used. As well as intended to be used in a drug crime. This enables law enforcement to take your car, home, or, any other personal property they may think you are using to hide drug manufacturing related crimes. That is why you need an attorney that can protect your property and ensure that your rights are not violated in the process.

In conclusion, a Midland drug manufacturing lawyer can help lessen the charges and devastation of a drug manufacturing charge. Therefore, can help you map out a strategy to regain your life and freedom.