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Midland drug possession cases can be complex and can vary based on the type of drug and the specific circumstances of someone’s case. Midland prosecutors are not supposed to treat marijuana charges differently from other substance related charges. It is all the same in the lab, but many of these are going to be classified as misdemeanor cases. Often, the person charged is only given a fine for marijuana.

When defending marijuana possession cases, an attorney tries to show their client in mitigating circumstances showcasing that their crime may not be as harmful and not scheduled as harshly as cocaine, heroin, or more serious drugs. The person could receive a lighter sentence if the prosecutor is more lenient, but it will depend on the help of a skilled Midland marijuana possession attorney. An experienced drug lawyer will be able to build someone’s defense and create mitigating charges for someone’s marijuana possession case.

Long-Term Impact of Marijuana Possession

The long-term implications of a marijuana possession charge can have a large impact on someone who wants to apply for a job. Many places are not as harsh on marijuana possession at this point since it is legalized in other states. It depends on the particular employer or the school a person is applying to or attends, and how they specifically view a marijuana possession charge.

A charge for drug paraphernalia in Midland is a Class C ticket. The fine is up to a $500. Possessing drug paraphernalia is not usually the highest priority drug case, but it is still prosecuted seriously. Often, the person can plead out at the jail, get time served, and finish their case. If the person has only the paraphernalia at the time, they receive only a ticket. However, if they have the accompanying drugs with the paraphernalia, the authorities could possibly use that to enhance the charges to an intent to deliver or intent to distribute. A marijuana possession attorney in Midland can build a defense to prevent these assumptions and enhancements.

Possession Considerations

The closest jurisdiction with decriminalized or legalized the possession of marijuana is Colorado, nowhere within Texas. Just because marijuana possession is legal in other states, that does not mean it is legal in Texas. People should not bring marijuana into Texas from the other states. A person can be arrested who does not have the actual drugs on them. However, they possess an item or items suggesting that drugs were used such as syringes, baggies, or scales. This can indicate the items or paraphernalia are specifically for the use of drugs and warrants contact with a Midland marijuana possesion lawyer.


A law enforcement officer discovers drug paraphernalia during the search of someone’s car. Incident to the arrest, or during the search of the person and finding the drug paraphernalia on them. Usually, it is only after they are arrested. Sometimes, when the person is pulled over, the pipes are on the dashboard within plain view. When someone is caught with paraphernalia in Midland. They can always plead not guilty and speak with an attorney to help them. Being unaware of the paraphernalia laws is not a defense. But a Midland marijuana possession attorney will be able to develop a proper defense for their client.

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