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The name Drug Kingpin may have respect in the drug world, but the same thing can not be said when associating the name with law enforcement and the legal system. Drug Kingpins or high-volume drug dealers handle large quantities of drugs or oversee a network of individuals who are involved in trade and transactions involving illegal drugs.

Volume drug dealers may transport large quantities of drugs from city to city or state to state. If you are accused of moving enormous amounts of controlled substances, a skilled drug lawyer can help you try combating harsh sentences you may eventually face. A Midland volume dealers lawyer will provide legal advice to minimize the penalties.

Law Enforcement Dealer Investigations

It is not unusual in Texas to find manufacturing rings involving Fentanyl and other illegal controlled substances. Law enforcement is put on high alert when they learn of manufacturing rings throughout the Lone Star State. Police catch kingpins and their networks using search warrants, wiretaps, drug task forces, or undercover investigations.

In many cases, law enforcement may be aware or tipped off, that a buy or transfer of drugs is going to take place or drugs are being manufactured at a specific location in town. Law enforcement will wait and stake out the area to catch persons involved in the drug crime at the time the incident occurs. Therefore, the police will stop or pull the individual over.

A Midland volume dealers attorney will look at all the evidence presented from the state or federal investigations. A Midland volume dealers lawyer will review the evidence to determine if any mistakes happened along the way that may reduce or dismiss any charges because of faulty or inaccurate evidence. Mistakes can happen involving the initial stop or search, arrest, surveillance, wiretaps or use of informants. Therefore, a Midland drug attorney will have their investigator gather evidence for the defendant, as well.

Penalties for Drug-Related Crimes

For example, in Midland and across the state of Texas, crimes involving volume drug dealers are taken seriously. When someone is charged with a crime involving drug deals, they should consult with a volume dealers attorney, who can build a defense to help your case.
The penalties for drug offenses are based on Texas and federal laws concerning drug crimes. They may include mandatory minimums in each case. Drug dealing while utilizing a gun or firearm will surely encourage state and federal mandatory minimum laws to those who are convicted. Whatever the case, one might have to serve years in prison or jail and pay extremely high fines.

What Drug Plea Deals Can Someone Expect?

Texas has some of the harshest penalties for drug offenses in the nation. Prosecutors often offer plea deals to a defendant by which they will suggest a lesser penalty for the charge. In exchange for information that will help produce new evidence in the investigation or crime.

Plea deals are often used to catch drug kingpins and other higher-ranking individuals in the illegal drug network. A Midland Volume Dealers Lawyer will examine all plea deal agreements to ensure they work in the individual’s favor.

Contacting a Lawyer

To avoid the harsh punishment and penalties of a volume drug dealer charge or other drug-related crimes in Midland. It is important that you find a Midland volume dealers lawyer, who understands the drug laws in Texas. Your attorney will exhaust all resources to find witnesses, evidence. As well as other material that will enhance your case and lessen the charges. Therefore, contact a Midland drug lawyer as soon as possible. Everyone deserves a clean slate, even those who mistakenly got involved in illegal drug crimes.