Medical Attention Following a Midland DUI

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Not every DUI case results from a normal traffic stop. If an accused individual received medical treatment after a DUI in Midland, the case can become much more complex. Medical issues can interfere with an individual’s ability to complete field sobriety tests, and certain conditions can even mimic intoxication.

If you received medical attention following a Midland DUI or were denied it, talk to a veteran DUI lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could explore the medical aspects of your case and incorporate them into an effective defense.

Under what Circumstances does a DUI Arrestee Receive Medical Attention?

If there has been an accident or somebody needs medical attention, the officer hopefully will focus on that as a priority instead of a DWI investigation. There is always time for medical treatment. People may need medical attention because they have been in an accident or because of a natural issue. For example, an officer may think they are stopping someone who is drunk because they are weaving all over the road, but it turns out that the person was actually in diabetic shock.

Police officers should see that someone is in need and then call in an expert instead of trying to assess the person themselves. Someone who assesses medical problems all the time, like an EMS or nurse, should make the evaluation as to whether or not the individual needs medical treatment.

Defense Strategies

If someone is hurt and then they are asked to do any type of balancing test, then attorneys could use the injury as a defense. Obviously, the stress of an injury or other medical condition can mimic signs of intoxication. For example, someone who is suffering from a concussion may act as though they are intoxicated. But the behavior is not due to alcohol.

Receiving medical attention following a Midland DUI could help a person in several ways. For example, if an attorney could show that the person was in a state of shock or suffering from an injury. There may be a good reason they could not perform a balance test.

If there is treatment, it is important for an attorney to determine whether or not there was an IV introduced into the person. Because of the chemicals in the IV, it could affect a potential blood test case. An attorney would want to know if they could challenge the hospital blood test.

Importance of Hiring a Dedicated Midland DUI Attorney

Every case is different. A dedicated DUI lawyer should do a full investigation. The attorney will want to know the facts of the case. They want to talk about receiving medical attention following a Midland DUI. They want to know where a person is in their process. If they are hurt, or if they have had conditions like bad knees or bad backs.

If you were arrested for a DUI. Consult with an attorney who could do an evaluation and talk with you about the facts of the case. Seek out an attorney who could work on the case rather than just take your money and plead you guilty. To get started on your DUI defense, contact a Midland DUI lawyer today.