Midland DWI Plea Deals

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Once someone is charged with a drinking and driving offense, they have the opportunity to make a plea. This is why it is essential for someone arrested for a DWI to contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately. The attorney can assess the case and then give the defendant advice on what is their best option.

If you have been charged with a DWI, contact a seasoned lawyer who can advise you on Midland DWI plea deals. Time is of the essence, call today to schedule a consultation.

Pleading Guilty to a DWI

Once the lawyer and the client have evaluated all of the evidence in the case, then there will be some decisions made before the trial process begins. There will also be negotiations with the district attorney’s office. The defendant may ask to plead not guilty to the DWI but will plead guilty to a reduced charge, like reckless driving. The attorney is not going to tell the defendant to plead guilty at the beginning of the case. The lawyer needs to investigate the charge by getting the videos of the arrest, police reports, and see if there are any errors involved. It is important to look for any possibilities to reduce the charges. If there is a plea of guilty, then that will come down the line when the case is assigned to the court and after plea negotiations have been worked out.

Not Guilty Plea

A defendant represented by a well-trained lawyer will enter a plea of not guilty. However, this does not mean the plea will always stay not guilty, but if a person pleads guilty at the beginning of the case, then there is no need to hire a lawyer since the person is going to be guilty. When a person pleads not guilty, then the lawyer can begin working on the case. After reviewing the facts of the case, the person may decide to take a plea bargain. Take a reduction out of the DWI into another offense. Or may agree to take a pretrial diversion if it is offered. If the defendant’s case meets certain requirements, the case gets dismissed and then it could even be expunged.

It is important to know that none of those decisions can be made until a full evaluation of the case is conducted. A lawyer can assist people facing Midland DWI plea deals by evaluating their case.

No Contest or Nolo Contendere

If someone pleads no contest or nolo contendere, then they are basically saying they are guilty of the offense. The only aspect that is different is that the person does not say they are guilty. However, they are not going to contest the charges. The judge will then say they find enough evidence to find the defendant guilty. A no contest plea is going to have the same consequences of a guilty plea. No contest pleas are often irrelevant for to a defense lawyer’s evaluation of the person’s case.

If you have any more questions about Midland DWI plea deals, call a dedicated lawyer today.