Preparing for a Midland DWI Court Date

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When someone is bonded out of jail after a driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol arrest, it is the bail or bond company that receives the notice of the court date and then relays that information to the individual. There are also several places throughout Midland County, clerk’s office and district attorney’s office, that have computer access to show when the court dates are. Once someone finds out their court date, then they need to start planning for that day. For information about preparing for a Midland DWI court date, contact an experienced defense attorney today.

Changing a DWI Court Date

It depends on the circumstances on whether someone is able to change their court date. Most of the courts are flexible, so if there is a legitimate reason to change the court date such as if the person is sick, they could reschedule. When a person hires a lawyer, then they may not even have to attend the court date if there is an arraignment. However, if the judge says they need to appear, then they need to show up.

Many judges allow the defendant’s lawyer to waive an arrangement so the defendant does not have to appear, but this is not always the case. When the defendant’s lawyer and the prosecutors have a plea negotiation-type conference, the defendant is not required to come. If someone fails to appear in court when the judge asked them to, then the judge would call bond forfeiture and there is a warrant issued for the person’s arrest.

Out of State Resident Missing Court Date

If a person is from out of state and they miss a required court date, there are several actions that take place. First, they could be arrested in their home state and if Texas decides to extradite the individual, then they will be brought back to Texas. The state of Texas definitely extradites a person if it is a felony case. The extradition could be a long process. It may take three weeks to get the person from their home state back Midland.

Pretrial Preparation

There are several ways the defendant’s lawyer is going to be preparing for a Midland DUI court case. The attorney is going to let the person know whether or not they have to appear and what type of court it is. If it is a motion to suppress. The lawyer will go through the facts of the case and look for any reasons they may want to suppress. If the defendant is going to testify. The lawyer will work on prepping the person for a testimony in front of a judge or jury.

Lawyer’s Advice for Court Appearance

It is very important that the defendant dresses appropriately when they appear in court. The defendant needs to give a good impression to the judge and/or jury. The individual also needs to be on time or even early to their court date. It could make the court uncomfortable if the defendant brings their children. An attorney is not going to believe it is a good idea for someone to have their kids present. The defendant also needs to be prepared to assist their lawyer with whatever they may need.

DWI Case Process

People charged with a DWI should expect that the case process is going to take some time. From arrest to completion of the case, it can take six months or even longer. The defendant also needs to know that it is critical that they do not get in any more trouble. Getting arrested again for another DWI before finishing the first DWI case, could substantially affect the ongoing case.

Preparing for a Midland DWI court date is a long and difficult process. Especially if you decide to face these charges alone. This is why you should contact a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible after you are arrested.