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Many people think of identity theft as a cybercrime, but in reality, identity theft charges can come from a wide range of incidents. Regardless of the circumstances leading to an identity theft charge, a conviction can result in serious legal penalties and other long-term consequences.

If you have been accused of identity theft, you should contact a Midland identity theft lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring an experienced lawyer could be your best chance at avoiding a conviction. Call today to set up a consultation.

Definition of Identity Theft

Identity theft is lumped into fraudulent use or possession of identifying information. This refers to incidents in which a person commits theft with the intent to defraud another person or to obtain, possess, transfer, or use identifying information of another person without their consent. This information can include:

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Fingerprint
  • Address
  • Bank account information

Usually, identity theft cases involve people who have stolen, for example, a purse and are caught with the social security card, credit card, or the driver’s license. On the other side, it can overlap into debit card and credit card abuse if they have what does not belong to them.

Penalties for Identity Theft in Midland

The penalties depend on how many items a person had on them:

  • Less than five items – stage one felony
  • Five to 10 items – third-degree felony
  • Ten to 50 items – second-degree felony
  • More than 50 items – first-degree felony

It is always a felony to have items that belong to someone else without the other person’s consent. Felonies bring serious penalties and long-term consequences, therefore, it is essential for a defendant to reach out to a seasoned identity theft attorney in Midland.

Long-Term Consequences of an Identity Theft Conviction

If an individual gets convicted of an identity theft offense, it can cause difficulties when applying for a job. Employers may think someone with this type of conviction on their record is not trustworthy. Furthermore, being a convicted felon can impact things like voting rights and firearm ownership.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Midland Attorney

An attorney could make sure that the investigation is done completely and correctly. Also, a lawyer could make sure that the investigators do not miss anything or do anything illegal such as search the place without a proper warrant or consent.

It is important for an accused person to give their Midland identity theft lawyer all the information they can. An attorney should know the complete circumstances surrounding the incident, such as where the accused individual found the information, how they obtained it, why they have it, and what they did with it.

Plea Deals

Depending on the facts and evidence of the case, taking a plea deal may be the best option. However, sometimes the prosecutor does not have a strong case or may not offer a fair deal. A Midland identity theft attorney could look out for the best interests of the defendant and give them advice on whether to take a plea deal or not.

Contact a Midland Identity Theft Attorney

Midland prosecutors take identity theft charges very seriously, and they will work tirelessly towards a conviction. It can be difficult for an accused individual to defend themselves in court against a seasoned prosecutor, but a defense lawyer could help. Contact a Midland identity theft lawyer today to discuss your case and begin building a defense.