Types of Fraud in Midland

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There are various types of fraud that occur in Midland. Such as check fraud, theft by check, credit card abuse, and more. The penalties for such charges can be quite severe, negatively impacting an individual in both the short and long term.

No matter the charge, an individual will require the assistance of an experienced fraud attorney to properly defend themselves against the prosecution’s allegations.

Theft by Check

Any kind of theft by check refers to writing a check that a person does not have any money to pay for. Or knows the account has been closed. This is a very common type of fraud in Midland. In this case, the state has to prove that the individual knew that the check would bounce and they intended to receive goods and services without paying for them.

The crimes associated with theft by check can go two ways. The first is when an individual writes a check that they did not have the money for. The second is when somebody fills out the checkbook and then writes a check that does not belong to them.

A lot of times, individuals do not know they are being investigated for theft by check until they get a letter either from the bank, the district attorney’s office, or receive a call from an investigator.

The potential penalties for this type of Midland check fraud depend on how much the check was written for. If it is a misdemeanor amount, up to $2,500, then it could be up to 365 days in jail. If it is anything over $2,500, it is considered a state jail felony up to a first-degree felony.

Defense Contractor Fraud

For types of Midland fraud involving defense contractors, a person may not realize that the state is going to have to prove that they had the intent to defraud them or steal the money at the beginning. Many times, a lawyer needs to see the contract.  They will need to know if it was a one-time deal or whether it is a repeated occurrence.

The details of what exactly happened will help a lawyer understand if they are going to be able to prove a case or not.

Credit Card Abuse

When an individual takes a credit card that does not belong to them and they use it. It is considered credit card abuse. This is another common type of fraud that prosecutor’s see in Midland. A prosecutor needs to prove that the individual had a credit card that did not belong to them and they had the intent to defraud or harm another person.

It is important to know where an individual got the credit card from. Where they used it, and how many times they used it. Also, there may be video evidence. A prior criminal record will impact this also.

Contacting a Lawyer

An individual should contact a lawyer immediately after being charged with theft by check because it is often just a case of miscommunication. Perhaps the individual has the money. They can pay the restitution, and in many cases. Can get these cases dismissed before some of the charges go forward.

Many times, when first meeting with a lawyer, the bank account information would help when discussing the case. An individual may have thought they had money in their account or sometimes, they are involved in a divorce and their spouse writes a bad check and does not realize it. Any kind of paperwork that can prove extenuating circumstances for why the check was bad is extremely helpful.