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It can be frightening to be charged with credit card theft. Trying to figure out how to fight the charges on your own can be overwhelming, and navigating the complex legal system can be a difficult ordeal. Fortunately, legal assistance is available to advocate for your interests and protect your rights.

A Midland credit card theft lawyer could represent you during all legal proceedings and fight for a favorable outcome on your behalf.

How an Attorney Could Help

A Midland attorney with experience handling credit card theft charges can be helpful in several ways. A lawyer could answer legal questions regarding the specific charges against a person and explain the possible penalties in the event of a conviction.

A credit card attorney could also attempt to negotiate a plea bargain or prepare an appropriate defense strategy if the case goes to trial.

In short, a credit card theft lawyer provides skilled representation during all steps of the legal process and fights to secure a positive resolution.

Credit Card Theft Laws in Midland

Details regarding credit card theft laws in Midland can be found in the State’s penal code. Within the penal code is a subchapter on credit-related offenses (Chapter 2 Subchapter C), as well as a chapter on theft offenses (Chapter 31). Both sections fall under Title 7, which covers offenses against property. Under Texas law, credit card theft can include the following offenses:

  • Using another person’s credit or debit card without their permission
  • Stealing a credit or debit card from the cardholder
  • Selling or attempting to sell a stolen credit or debit card
  • Committing various forms of credit card fraud

A Midland credit card theft lawyer could provide a more detailed explanation of the laws and how they apply to the specific charges an individual is facing. An attorney could also outline the possible penalties upon conviction for credit card theft.

Penalties for a Credit Card Theft Conviction

The penalties for credit card theft in Midland vary depending on whether the offense is categorized as a misdemeanor or felony. Most credit card related offenses are felonies, which are more serious than misdemeanors and carry more severe penalties.

Potential penalties range from a jail sentence of at least 180 days and a possible fine for a state jail felony to a prison sentence of at least five years and a fine of up to $10,000 for a first degree felony. A Midland credit card theft could explain the potential penalties associated with the specific credit card theft charges an individual is facing.

Reach Out to a Midland Credit Card Theft Lawyer Today

Do not attempt to fight charges of credit card theft on your own. The legal system can be confusing, and the wording of Texas laws is not always easy to understand. For these reasons, the best way to protect yourself is often with a criminal defense attorney by your side. A Midland credit card theft lawyer has the knowledge and experience needed to fight on your behalf for a positive resolution of your charges. Call today to set up a consultation.