Building a Midland Theft Defense

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If you require legal assistance in building a midland theft defense, consider reaching out to an experienced defense lawyer who can help to guide you through the process while acting as an aggressive advocate on your behalf. Read on to learn more about what goes into building a Midland theft defense, as well as the ways a Midland criminal attorney could potentially make a difference for you.

Common Theft Defense Strategies

The three main elements to consider when building a Midland theft defense include whether the defendant actually took another’s property, if the defendant knew they did not have that individual’s consent when the property was taken, and if it was reasonable for the defendant to believe they did have the other party’s consent. Another potential route to follow would be to figure out the actual value of the property.

For example, if the prosecutor charged the defendant with stealing a car worth $15,000, a skilled defense attorney would investigate any damage that had been done tot eh car in question before it was stolen in an effort to minimize the value of the vehicle. If they are successful in minimizing the value of the object that was taken, this could potentially lower the range of the penalties the defendant would have to face if they were convicted.

Steps an Attorney Takes Before Building a Midland Theft Defense

When building a Midland theft defense, a qualified lawyer will first consult with the defendant in order to obtain their background, criminal history, and any initial facts that could help the investigation. They will then seek out hard evidence that could be used to support the attorney’s defense theory. Such as obtaining statements from witnesses, subpoena security camera videos from nearby buildings. Or police reports that have been written concerning the alleged crime. A weathered lawyer will take these steps immediately following their initial consultation with the defendant.

Probation and Reduced Sentencing Charges

Probation is a possible punishment instead of any jail time. And there are different forms of probation that a charged individual can negotiate for. Each form of probation has different consequences depending on the charged individual’s prior criminal history. A dedicated attorney would negotiate for shorter probation with fewer terms. An example of possible terms might be if the charged individual does not actually receive a conviction of the theft if they complete certain probation. There are many scenarios a defense attorney can negotiate for a defendant. But keep in mind that these scenarios most often only apply to first-time offenders. In order to reach them, the defendant may need to complete certain classes. Agree to certain terms, and provide proof to the prosecutor that they completed them. Under the best circumstances, this would result in the case being dismissed.

Reaching Out to a Professional Defense Attorney

While building a Midland theft defense may seem like a complicated task. Know that you do not have to face it alone. A distinguished criminal lawyer may be able to gather evidence. Interview key witnesses, and make appearances in court on your behalf in order to fight for your rights. Reach out to a criminal attorney experienced in building a Midland theft defense today to schedule your initial consultation.