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While receiving charges of armed robbery may feel like an overwhelming situation. Know that you do not have to face it alone. A professional Midland armed robbery lawyer can offer you their assistance by collecting evidence, interviewing key witnesses, and building a strong defense in your favor. A skilled criminal attorney can act as an aggressive advocate for your defense by protecting your rights in court. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated Midland armed robbery lawyer could make a difference in your case today.

What Constitutes Armed Robbery?

If someone commits a robbery while armed with a dangerous weapon such as a gun or a bat. They have carried out an act of armed robbery. This is considered a Second Degree Felony under Texas law. Aggravated robbery can be thought of as a theft that results in bodily injury or the threat of bodily injury to another individual. Another instance that could aggravate an armed robbery charge is if the accused robbed a disabled or elderly individual. This aggravation would raise the robbery to a First Degree Felony that could lead to a life’s sentence in prison if convicted. Reach out to a weathered defense attorney to learn more.

Conviction of an Armed Robbery in Midland

In order to convict an individual for armed robbery. The prosecutor must prove that they committed a theft, caused serious bodily injury, used a deadly weapon, or victimized an older or disabled individual during the theft. Because armed robbery is a felony offense, a conviction would result in the loss of certain civil liberties such as the right to bear arms, the right to run for public office, and the right to serve on a jury. They could also serve time in prison, or probation if that penalty were to be mitigated by a qualified Midland armed robbery lawyer.

Taking a Plea Deal

There are certain situations that may merit taking a guilty plea deal rather than attempting to fight a charge in a trial. And a knowledgeable Midland armed robbery lawyer will know when those opportunities present themselves. When determining whether or not to take a plea deal. A skilled attorney will weigh the odds of the accused winning their trial versus what the plea offer states. And if the conditions of that deal are favorable to the defendant, they will advise them in that direction. For example, if the prosecution is making an offer to plead to a misdemeanor offense rather than a felony offense. That situation would be much more favorable if a large amount of evidence stands against their chances in trial.

How a Midland Armed Robbery Lawyer Can Help

There are many complicated situations that can arise during an armed robbery case. And for this reason, an individual facing accusations will require the assistance of a skilled Midland armed robbery lawyer during their criminal proceedings. A dedicated Midland armed robbery lawyer can speak to witnesses right away to gather statements from them as well as preserve any physical evidence that could be available. This could come in the form of recordings, surveillance video from shops in the area. Or cell phone videos taken by bystanders.

If you believe you are being investigated for charges of armed robbery. Do not hesitate to contact a Midland armed robbery lawyer as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation.