Facing Assault Charges in Odessa

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Law enforcement in Odessa takes charges of assault seriously, particularly cases of domestic violence or instances involving a weapon or intoxication. They take a particularly strict stance on violent crime in an effort to keep the citizens of Odessa and Ector County safe from harm. If authorities can get one conviction and take one person off the streets, then in their eyes, there is one less person to worry about.

Because of the strict stance police take against this offense, facing assault charges in Odessa can be extremely intimidating. Defendants may feel that the odds are stacked against them, but it is important to remember that not every arrest leads to a conviction. With help from a skilled defense lawyer, you may be able to secure a positive outcome in your case.

Assault Investigations in Odessa

Police often conduct investigations before arresting someone for assault, but these investigations can vary tremendously in their intensity and length. Investigations vary depending on the type of assault and the specific circumstances. In some cases, there may be no investigation at all. For example, if an officer witnesses the assault, they may immediately arrest the individual or give them a ticket.

If it is an intoxication assault, investigators want to make sure they can meet the elements of the offense. This involves determining whether or not the individual was drinking. If it is aggravated assault, they likewise must meet all the necessary statutory requirements to charge the person. Investigations can take some time if police need to gather more evidence before charging the individual.

Intimidating Aspects of Assault Charges

Assault charges are intimidating for clients to face because they can have a serious impact on how the individual is viewed in the public eye. This is especially true when crimes attract media attention. If it is a slow news day and a local channel reports that the defendant assaulted someone, it can seriously damage the person’s reputation. If they were the president of a local bank, for example, they could lose customers.

Just the fact that assault is being associated with an individual’s name could cause some harm, even if the person has not been convicted. This makes it critical to retain an experienced attorney quickly to minimize the damage.

Benefits of a Skilled Odessa Assault Attorney

One of the specific benefits of having an Odessa attorney when facing assault charges is that lawyers know what to look for. If police are trying to charge an individual with felony assault. For example, the state must prove certain elements in order to secure a conviction. If the prosecution is unable to prove even one of these elements, the individual cannot be found guilty. Skilled attorneys could look for weaknesses in the state’s case and exploit every advantage.

If you are facing assault charges in Odessa, you should not risk attempting to handle the case alone. Local prosecutors can be extremely aggressive toward violent offenses. And without a legal professional by your side, you may be at a serious disadvantage. Call today to discuss your defense.