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Drug possession, as it is defined by the Texas Penal Code, is having actual care, custody, control, or management of any illegal substance. Every city and county in Texas, including Plainview, is bound by the Texas Penal Code. Common illegal drugs in Plainview include marijuana, prescription painkillers (without a valid prescription), anti-anxiety medications (without a valid prescription), heroin, methamphetamine, or any number of different opioids.

A drug possession conviction could appear on your criminal record for the rest of your life. If you face possession charges, you could benefit from the help of a seasoned Plainview drug possession lawyer. An experienced drug attorney could come up with a defense strategy tailored to the circumstances of your case. Call today and discuss your case.

How Drug Possession Charges Occur

A drug possession charge could occur in a number of ways, but most commonly in Plainview, a person is found to be in possession of a drug when they are pulled over and a legal drug is found in a vehicle with them. It is also possible that someone is found with an illegal drug in their home. But certainly, it is more common for these cases to arise from someone being pulled over in their vehicle and a drug being found.

Factors Impacting the Seriousness of Drug Charges

Some factors that can impact a drug possession charge are the penalty groups that the drug falls into. Marijuana is going to fall into a different penalty group than heroin and an anti-anxiety drug could fall into a different penalty group than a painkiller. Also, the amount and actual volume of the drug that someone possesses is taken into consideration. Most importantly, whether or not there is any evidence that suggests the person might be dealing or selling that drug would make a difference in the seriousness of the charge. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer could help explain the specifics of the charges you face.

Penalties for Drug Possession in Plainview

The penalties for being caught with illegal drugs in Plainview can vary depending on the type of drug and the amount that the individual is caught with. For example, being caught with marijuana under two ounces is a classic misdemeanor. Which is much less serious than if someone were carrying around a vape pen. And had THC (cannabis) concentrate oil in the vape pen. That would be a felony, and the seriousness, penalty. And level of the felony would go up depending on how much THC concentrate was found in that vape pen.

Many drug offenses will require a person to take a Drug Offender Education Course to potentially resolve or dispose of their case in addition to requiring them to be clean and submit to drug testing.

Alternative Sentencing Programs

In Plainview, there are First-Time Offender Programs and there are cases that are considered for some kind of Diversion Program. If a Plainview drug possession attorney gets the defendant into these programs, it could result in a dismissal.

Long-Term Impacts of Drug Convictions

A person’s life could be forever changed with certain drug convictions. For example, it could affect the ability to obtain certain kinds of employment. In addition, a person may not be allowed into medical school or law school if they have a drug conviction on their record. Because these charges can have lifelong consequences. Talking to a Plainview drug possession lawyer as soon as possible after a charge is critical.

Let a Plainview Drug Possession Attorney Advocate for You

If you face drug possession charges, it may feel like you have no hope of defending yourself. Prosecutors take these charges seriously, and you may feel pressured to accept a deal you are uncomfortable with. Thankfully, a Plainview drug possession lawyer could help defend you. They could scrutinize every aspect of the prosecution’s case and explore potential constitutional issues which may arise from the search process. Reach out to a dedicated drug lawyer today.