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Some of the most common cases heard in criminal courts around Richardson involve the illegal possession, use, and distribution of drugs. Even small amounts of marijuana are still illegal in the state, and police who find any person with these items can make an arrest and charge them in court. A conviction for even the lowest level drug offenses can result in a jail term and a criminal record.

It is vital that people who are facing drug allegations take every possible precaution to protect themselves. This can include working with a Richardson drug lawyer. A goal-oriented defense attorney could help to conduct their own investigations into the incident and present a defense to juries designed to protect your future.

Drug Laws and Potential Consequences

There are two main classifications of drug offenses in Richardson. The most common are allegations involving the simple possession of illegal substances. The Texas Controlled Substance Act defines these controlled substances and creates criminal offenses that follow from their possession. These substances include but are not limited to:

  • Heroin and other opiates
  • Cocaine and cocaine derivatives
  • Hallucinogens such as LSD
  • Marijuana

Sections 481.115, 481.116, 481.117, and 481.118 of the Controlled Substance Act create criminal penalties for possession. There are many potential penalties depending on the specific charges, but in general, the more drug in a person’s possession the harsher the penalties.

The other class of drug charges involves those involving drug distribution. These are much more serious and a court that convicts a defendant of distributing any type of controlled substance is required to sentence that defendant to at least 180 days in jail. The most serious drug distribution charges will result in a life sentence. A Richardson drug lawyer could help anyone facing a drug charge, regardless of how serious.

The Legal Concept of Possession in Richardson

It is very rare for police to witness a defendant actually holding an illegal substance. As a result, it is common for police officers to apply for warrants to search a person’s home, car, or business. This means that police have probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime is in these places.

This belief relies upon a very liberal interpretation of the concept of possession. Most people imagine possession as having an item on one’s person. However, courts have expanded the definition of possession to include any way a person exerts control over an item. Therefore, possession can exist when a person has drugs in their home, in their car, in their purse, or even in a warehouse. A Richardson drug lawyer could help those facing charges better understand the concept of legal possession and to rebut these assumptions in court.

A Richardson Drug Lawyer May be Able to Help

The mere allegation of a drug offense could throw your life into chaos. A conviction could potentially forever change your life. It is essential that you understand what you are facing and how to defend your freedom and reputation.

A Richardson drug lawyer could help you if you are facing any sort of drug-related charge in Richardson. They act quickly to evaluate the strength of the District Attorney’s case, identify realistic legal goals, and fight for those goals to protect your future. Contact a lawyer today to learn more.