When your life is on the line, place it in trustworthy hands!

I hired Stephen and his law firm to defend me in an Unlawful Carry of a firearm charge, but since it was in the parking lot of a facility that sold alcohol, it became a Felony 3rd degree. This is something that carries a large sentence (2 to 10 years) and I did not trust my Life, family or career to any lawyer. I spoke to and had several consults throughout Lubbock, but I kept coming back to Stephen, I felt his team was there to take care of me in my time of great need. When I retained his team they immediately got to work, and with the help of Shane Byrd checking on various codes and ordinances at the specific location of the incident and Amber Beard constantly keeping me up to date even answering the basic questions, I felt as comfortable as you can be in this situation. With the entire team behind me and their swift action we were able to work with the district attorney’s office and get the charge rejected before the charge was actually filed. I was told by others that this process could take 90 days up to a year to get resolved. My case was completely resolved in 5 weeks. This is a huge accomplishment, to get your life back and know you are free. The most precious thing we all have is time, and they saved me almost a year of it! Stephen is not the cheapest, but you truly get what you pay for. I even got my firearm back.