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Texas law classifies controlled substances according to schedules and penalty groups, which determine the different levels and penalties for drug offenses. Some are felony offenses, whereas others are misdemeanors, but all have the potential for serious penalties. Consulting a Collin County drug lawyer may be highly beneficial when you are facing any sort of drug offense.

Incarceration, fines, loss of the right to possess firearms, and a permanent criminal record are all possible sanctions that you might encounter if you are convicted of a drug offense. Working with a well-versed defense lawyer may enable you to reach the most positive resolution depending on your specific circumstances.

Offenses Involving Drug Possession

It is illegal to possess any amount of a controlled substance, but the charges and penalties depend on the penalty group in which the drug is categorized. Possession of drugs in Penalty Group 1, under Tex. Health and Safety Code § 481.115, carries the most serious charges and penalties, which increase according to the amount of the drug involved in the offense. All possession offenses concerning Penalty Group 1 drugs are felonies, and a conviction for possessing large amounts of these drugs could result in life in prison.

Possession of drugs in other penalty groups tend to have lesser charges and penalties. In fact, possession of small amounts of these drugs may result in misdemeanor rather than felony charges. However, since possession of larger amounts of these drugs still can result in felony charges, getting advice from a Collin County drug attorney may be wise.

Drug Manufacturing and Delivery in Collin County

All drug manufacturing, delivery, and possession with intent to delivery charges are felony offenses. As with possession charges, these drug charges are dependent on the penalty group in which the drug is classified and the amount of the drug at issue in the offense.

Generally, it requires a lesser amount of Penalty Group 1 drugs to trigger more serious charges than that for Penalty Group 3 or 4 drugs. Nonetheless, the minimum charge for this sort of drug offense, regardless of the drug involved is a felony, which can have consequences far beyond incarceration and fines. For these sorts of charges, it is almost always beneficial to consider seeking advice from a drug lawyer in Collin County.

Collin County Marijuana Offenses

Marijuana is not classified in a particular penalty group like other drugs under Texas law. Even though marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law, Texas law considers marijuana offenses separately from other drug offenses. While delivery of a large amount of marijuana still can result in serious felony charges with extremely damaging consequences, possession of small amounts of marijuana purely for personal use is a far less serious offense.

For instance, possession of two ounces or less of marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor under Tex. Health and Safety Code § 481.120, which can result in up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. Predictably, the penalties for delivering or distributing marijuana are harsher; it is a Class B misdemeanor to distribute one-fourth ounce of marijuana and the charges escalate quickly for delivery of larger amounts of the drug.

Contact a Collin County Drug Attorney for Legal Advice

Drug offenses can result in serious charges that may mandate incarceration, payment of fines, and a host of other unwanted consequences. Except for small amounts of marijuana and other less dangerous controlled substances, drug offenses are often felonies that can lead to extremely damaging repercussions for your personal and professional life. A Collin County drug lawyer may be able to help guide you through the criminal justice system and work toward the most positive resolution in your case possible.

A permanent criminal record can cause significant hardships on you in the future. Taking steps to defend yourself against criminal charges can be key to avoiding or minimizing some of these unwanted consequences and protecting your future goals and objectives. Call today to get started.