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DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

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Aggravated Assault? I think not!

Nancy aggravated assault felony was dismissed this week. Nancy’s roommate called the police claiming Nancy pulled a gun on her/pistol-whipped her. Even though there were no injuries, the police arrested Nancy and when she bonded out the roommate had stolen her jewelry and broken into her safe with a crowbar, and pawned a bunch of her stuff. We presented our grand jury packet on Wednesday and the DA rejected the case the next day. – DISMISSED


DWI with a CDL

Pedro’s DWI was reduced to Obstruction of a Highway. Pedro is an employee with a CDL so a DWI conviction would have been bad news. – REDUCED


Assault or Self Defense? – DISMISSED

Gabriel was a passenger in a car that was reported stolen. They got in a wreck with another car, Gabriel ended up running from the scene, and was chased and tackled by the other driver. Gabriel ended up biting and punching the other driver to get him off of him. – DISMISSED

Racing Misdemeanor – DISMISSED

Caleb was charged with a racing case (a misdemeanor).  We turned several offers down and set it for trial.  Three days before the trial, we agreed to do a short-term pre-trial diversion program.  Caleb accepted.  In 6 months, the case will be dismissed.  Caleb will not have to report or do probation and stay out of trouble for six months.  Caleb is very happy. DISMISSED



Eulogio had a DWI 1st over a .15-BAC .172. We were able to get the charge changed to an obstruction of a roadway, 8M deferred adjudication. REDUCED



Tyler BAC .28, DWI 1st w/open container. We had the blood analyzed which showed the blood should not be considered. We were able to get Tyler a deferred adjudication for 8 months and a $200 fine. With Tylers BAC being that high, it could have been a class A with no ability to get a deferred adjudication. REDUCED


Harassment Charges – DISMISSED

Inna’s harassment conviction could have seriously jeopardized her U.S. status and could have subjected her to removal.  Chase and our criminal defense team spent time gathering evidence in the case. We gathered evidence showing the alleged “victim” was harassing OUR client.  At the pre-trial hearing Chase, after many hours of negotiation the case was dismissed on all four charges.  DISMISSED


Family Violence – DISMISSED

Andrew’s assault family violence case was DISMISSED. Judge rushed this case to trial. The client can now avoid an MTR for this new alleged offense. DISMISSED



Dominique’s DWI was reduced to Obstruction of a Highway yesterday. She was driving drunk on NYE, their blood alcohol score was .124, and was at risk of being kicked out of her college in South Korea because of a possible DWI conviction.
She client was given 12 months deferred probation, and the judge waived the fine and all community service hours. Dominique will be eligible to have the record sealed after completing probation. DISMISSED

Weaving down the road – NOT GUILTY

Sandy was 43 years old and new to the area. After making a u-turn she was pulled over by the police. They alleged that she was “weaving” down the road. The Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Not Guilty

Fail field sobriety tests, NOT GUILTY

Jason was pulled over at 2 am for weaving. He had 4 open beer bottles in his car and 2 very drunk friends. He was unable to say his ABC’s correctly and almost fell down while doing one of the field sobriety tests. The jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Not Guilty

Speeding. Admitted to drinking 3 beers, NOT GUILTY

James was on his way home from a Maverick’s game. He was speeding and had his “brights” on. He admitted to drinking 3 beers. The Jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Not Guilty