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Made things less stressful and were very professional. Very polite throughout the process as well.
What can I say about TCDG they were amazing and on point with everything. I was looking at doing some time and they helped me get probation. Now I know for some out there that might not call that a win but I’ve been in trouble before. So this really was a best case scenario for me and they got it. So now I’m still here with my family able to provide for them. Oh and they have a great finance program. There’s a legal team you want when you got yourself in the pinch trust me.
These are very compassionate and understanding people that listen to every word you speak. The most I value from this group is they did not talk price first, they wanted to know everything and everyone involved in this case, and even when we found out how much it was going to be, they worked with us on payments. This was the most stressful thing I have ever gone through, and innocent people should never go through this and this defense group made it much more easier to deal with. Thank you so much.
These guys do phenomenal work !
Cindy Kirk has taken care of tickets that have needed attention very promptly and efficiently. Highly recommend TCDG!
Their service was excellent.
"Exceptional legal representation! My defense attorney demonstrated unparalleled expertise and dedication throughout my case. Their strategic approach and thorough understanding of the law were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch legal defense."
Everything was very easy and explained in detail. Communication was easy and if I had questions or updates, it was very simple.
It was a great experience to meet the lawyer Kyle Charles and his secretary Isela , Mr. Cristian and the ladies who work in the office. They helped me a lot and every time I called they always treated me with a lot of education and a lot of respect. I recommend these lawyers to everyone, 100% I have no complaints about them, I’m very grateful forever.
The attorneys I worked with were very professional and above all else understanding and patient considering the situation. They worked hard to defend me and sensed they truly had my best interest in mind. I recommend anyone to consider their services as they will not be disappointed.
I would not want to use anyone else for this hiccup in my life, and I feel very comfortable with the choice I made using Texas criminal defense group. They have taken a big stress of my shoulders and I know I have the best people fighting for me.
They got my brothers case dismissed with a gun safety class 💯💕
I had a case that I was dealing with since January of 2023 that was just dismissed. How was it dismissed you may ask! Well I had Monica Barnard and her team working tirelessly and diligently on finding the facts of the case. Monica was able to use her years of experience and documented case law in order to show that legal processes were not implemented therefore my case was not upheld but the presiding judge.Monica and her team are AWESOME and I greatly appreciate their work on my case! I strongly recommend her for anyone needing leagal assistance.
Honestly the best law firm to work with!!! They helped with my DWI case and they worked with me on a payment plan when no other law firms didn’t want too! They always have a group of lawyers working on your case and they check up on you regularly and help you along the way if you have any questions, I’d have friends who payed for lawyers and never really heard from them until they have court and they felt like they’ve wasted their money. I highly recommend this law firm!!!!!!
I’m not gonna lie Honestly I feel like I paid a bit but the results I got was well worth what I paid if everything goes well and I do what I need to do I get a slap on the wrist so yes I would highly recommend this law firm so money was not a issue
I was arrested for assault bodily injury / domestic violence.As far as i know texas would not dissmiss this type of misdemeanor.And didn’t know what to do , so i call texas criminal defense groupSince The first call they treated me as i was expectingThey took all the information that i gave them and figured to get my case DISMISSED!I really appreciate the help.and if you’re are worried about pricing. It is not expensive .I guess is different on every case but I think is totally worth your money and timeThey saved me a lot of time since i dont live where i was arrested.Totally recommend this law firm !
Excelente trabajo realizada un proceso en orden y correcto .estoy muy satisfecho con sus servicios brindados .súper recomendados
Incredibly professional I would recommend hiring them!
True professionals. From the moment of initial contact to the subsequent dismissal of my case, Jonathan and Kirsten were very responsive, understanding, and empathetic. Jonathan fervently advocated my circumstances to the court, and was able to get my case dismissed just days before trial.
Friendly, knowledgeable, eager to get you out of one of the toughest spots you may find yourself in.10/10 would recommend
They did their job and they are very great at what they do. They kept me out of big trouble. I would definitely recommend them. They are very awesome and easy to work with!
Para mi que e tenido barios casos legales pero este casi que me lo tranajo Texas criminal defense son los #1tuve los mejores resultados gracias
This man Steven Hamilton….. This man knows what he’s doing!!! Kudos to him and his team and recommended 100%! Thank you for everything you have done! 10/5 stars!🙌🏽 recommend (Eric Sosa)
Texas Criminal Defense group was very professional and helped me feel more comfortable and safe about this stressful time in my life. They keep me very well informed on my case and they have a team of lawyers that all work together to come to a solution to Cary out your case. The lead attorney on my case was Charles Vance and he was very informative and understanding of this stressful time and was a pleasure to work with couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in my case with a dismissal. If I have anymore legal troubles I will go to Texas criminal defense group and referee anyone else to them.
Great people, willing to do whatever it takes for their clients
Well, I was fighting for a 4th degree felony and I was hopeless. On my research for a defense attorney I was lucky to come across the Texas Criminal Defense Group. Not only they made it affordable for me to look for justice but as they promised me, they were two attorneys working with me: Attorney Alan, and Attorney Chase. They did a great job and story short I was able get the justice I was looking for because of their great, hard and professional work. They were very knowledgeable, they worked it with lot of experience and I really appreciated them being very open and honest with me. I just would have wanted more attention to my case since the beginning just for safety reasons even though it probably wouldn’t have changed much but we never know.I would recommend Texas Criminal Defense Group and I’m definitely sticking with them.
Took care of my legal issue 🙏
I am extremely satisfied with the Texas Criminal Defense Group. They kept me informed throughout every stage of the process.
Great reliable people to work with! Amazing communication as well. Very pleased with everything.
My attorney started to talk about all of his upstanding credentials. Then he advised me not to take the first plea bargain. He comforted me and said everything will be fine. Then he said that they will get aggressive. The next thing I know he's calling me saying that the case was dismissed. I was floored! I was looking at serious charges. I'm a free man now!
Great team! Listened to understand and gathered ALL the facts. Every situation is not black and white just because police are involved. This group truly works to get a fair outcome for their clients! Case dismissed!
Texas Criminal Defense group took on my case and did a great job informing me of what to expect and were easily reachable by phone. My lawyer Jonathan is still actively fighting my case and is pursuing every option for me as well as delaying my case to fit my timetable. Also, they were able to get my ALR case for suspension of my license dismissed as the officer never showed up to court for the hearing.
OMG! They had everything dismissed! They made me feel worry free! Awesome job by my Lawyer!!! I'm still in shock?
Very professional from start to finish..I really hope I never need their services again but if I do I definitely will call this Firm.
I recently had the privilege of being represented by Kristie Falbo and Texas Criminal Defense Group team in a legal matter that initially posed severe consequences. From the outset, her expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to my case were evident, ultimately resulting in the reduction of a felony charge to a misdemeanor.Kristie Falbo displayed exceptional legal acumen and a profound understanding of the intricacies of the legal system. Her strategic approach, attention to detail, and thorough preparation were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome. Throughout the entire process, she exhibited a high level of professionalism and a genuine concern for my well-being.One of the aspects that stood out the most was Kristie Falbo clear communication and transparency. She ensured that I fully comprehended the legal proceedings, potential outcomes, and the strategy she was implementing. This transparency not only instilled confidence but also alleviated much of the anxiety associated with navigating the legal system.Moreover, Kristie Falbo demonstrated a remarkable ability to negotiate with the prosecution. Her persuasive skills and in-depth knowledge of the law played a pivotal role in convincing the court to reconsider the severity of the charges against me. The reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor is a testament to her exceptional advocacy on my behalf.I am immensely grateful for Kristie Falbo tireless efforts, legal prowess, and genuine commitment to securing the best possible outcome for her clients. If you find yourself in nneed of a legal representative who goes above and beyond to protect your rights and achieve favorable results, I wholeheartedly recommend Kristie FalboThank you, Kristie Falbo and Texas Criminal Defense Group team, for your outstanding representation. Your dedication has made a significant and positive impact on my life, and I am truly appreciative of the exceptional legal service you provided.
Great attorney’s well worth hiring I wouldn’t use any other’s.
The D.A. charged me just because someone said that it was me and it wasn't. They got my case dismissed like they said they would.
They are really helpful
Just want to say thank you to Ms.Emily. P such excellent customer service made me feel very comfortable with sharing my personal situation. Thank you so much God bless yall excellent firm!
They are very aggressive in their approach, they work for you and support your moves, and they are not afraid to go to trial. They partner with the financing group, so it makes their retainer very flexible and easy to obtain.
Amazing they got my case lowered and I didn't have to take a felony amazing team
My Attorney they Assigned to my was Super Professional and it became an easy Dismal
It was a tough start but Chase and Cindy got everything dismissed and I am a happy camper! Thank y’all very much for getting my case dismissed expeditiously!
Very good service nice and good result Thank you to paloma and Mónica
First of all, I have to thank the Texas Criminal Defense Group for supporting me throughout this difficult journey that ended up to a positive outcome.I have to personally thank all my attorneys that were appointedon my case, starting with Miss Kristie, Mr McLean, for their advices, support and kindness. A special thanks goes to Miss Monica who, closed this case with excellence. I'm so grateful to all of them and also grateful to Ms Whitney, and everybody else behind the scene for their support to me.I would recommend the Texas Criminal Defense Group to anyone that is in trouble, because their dedication and professionalism has been demonstrated through my case. I'm happy that I did the right choice.Thank you and May God bless the team.
Kristie Falbo Was My Attorney In Two Back to back DWI cases I had gotten just three weeks apart. First I’d like to state that I had two prior DWI’s from several years ago.. So My First case was in Tarrant county. This case was settled pretty quickly.. When we went to court we had no expectations that the DA was going to come back with an offer but they did.. I received 13 months probation, a short license suspension, a short time for the smart start intake in my car, and if I agreed to pay the fines up front no community service.. no jail time.. My second DWi (which this would be considered my 4th) court did get moved up a few times ( this wasn’t Kristie’s fault). This is the one that I was sweating bullets.. But I got a phone call from Kristie saying an offer had been made and they wanted me on probation for 15 months, 500.00 in fines, Intake in my car for the full 15 months, 3 days in jail, and 25 hours of probation.. But The day we went in front of the judge Kristie convinced the DA to drop the jail time and the 500.00 fine. And They did it. Kristie was very professional but will set you straight at the same time.. She got me the best deal that I possibly could have imagined. I’m Not In Jail!!
Excellent service and people who actually work for your best interest. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire these guys!
Fast and friendly people. Always on top of everything very knowledgeable.
Really recommend this defense group, they where a great team that got my case dismissed quick ,and made everything go so smooth and stress free 👍
I will be leaving a more formal review to TCDG. For the sakes of Google, my review is that this Defense Team is simply “Outstanding”. When your world is complicated all you need is simple. The “Outstanding” part is that you need not to look further. Even if you have an attorney, change them immediately. You’re looking for people that listen with empathy, experience, and credibility. From there, TCDG guides you through the complexities. Their communication skills are top notch. You really do get a team of people who advocate for you.
From class a misdemeanor to soon to be expunged. They did they best they could but the system as we all know is complete trash run by more trash and at least the folks at this firm actually understand stand that and work under these pretenses. The money is definitely worth it especially if you have to go to trial most firms charge by the hour at an astronomical rate. When you sit in court over and over.. you start to see who's friendly with the bailiff judge etc.. I could tell this firm has been in the game for a bit or at least made an effort to "get in good" with the employees of the court and yes its a popularity contest just like anything in life it's all in who you know or who likes you and that's the game you have to play no such thing as fair but these guys definitely play the game. I had Monica Bernard absolutely comfortable in her position definitely knows what she's doing and Mrs Kristi Falbo young beautiful but hard working fresh attorney who's making her way as well. Just thank you very much for all your help. I'm glad I was your client.
I want to thank Monica Bernard for the awesome being my attorney thanks for a great job happy holidays
They Really Do Work With You Great Team
The attorneys at Texas Criminal Defense group were awesome, they helped me out with my case, and helped me got off probation a couple years early. Their communication was on point and I can finally get back to living free because the great job they have done. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them!
In my particular case I plead guilty so I imagine that added difficulty to my case, Nevertheless Kailyn and Charles were very informative and professional I thank them both for their help. TCDG are professionals and they are my first choice for any legal trouble.
Very knowledgeable staff and they explained everything to me in great detail. They made the whole process easy to understand and, all things considered, I'm happy with my results.
Although I've never personally met anyone from the TCDG, I can personally say that they were very informative and thorough with my case via email, text and phone daily. Knowing that they were taking care of my case gave me focus on my personal health and future. I would definitely vouch for a great recommendation for anyone seeking counsel for defense. Last but not least, they are affordable and willing to work with you financially.
I am very pleased with there service through mycase and other resources, they always respond fast and very professional, i feel as im treated like family, so i want to thank tcdg for there hard effort and giving me a peace of mind.
The lawyer was the best he knew what he was going. I had lost of winning the case he he proved me wrong and he won the case. I will recommend the law firm to who ever needs help.
These folks were great! They were very communicative and respectful. I was really worried throughout my case but every time I’d message they were very reassuring and patient. 10/10 would recommend.
Helped me get my case resolved in the best way possible they worked through it all I really didn’t have to worry about much the only thing better then this is to not get in trouble to begin with!
Service provided was expected and was taken care of thank you for your help..
Best law firm ever. They work really hard for their clients.
Very professional attorneys and very helpful. And willing to work with you.
These guys went above and beyond to help me!
I want to give a BIG THANKS! To Kailyn for being so nice and especially my lawyer, CHARLES KYLE VANCE that dismissed my case on the second court date! I give you 5 stars!!! I'm so glad I called y'all!! Kyle I really do appreciate you being so cool, GOD BLESS YOU brother!
I went in scared and no clue what the outcome would be as this was my first offense. Monica walked me through every step of the way! They fought hard to get me a great plea deal. I appreciate their efforts in working hard for ME. The lawyer group at Texas Criminal Defense Group exceeded my expectations!
Highly recommend. Great communication and exceptional team.
Super helpful and they stay on their job ! They always keep you updated n always make sure they do what’s best for you . Not lazy at all and they know what they doing
Thank you for the time n effort you put into my case, everyone was polite and helpful great firm! Let’s you know ahead of time court dates ,represents you well I recommend the texas criminal defense group again thank you !!!
Great people to have in your corner very helpful and understanding
They helped me from the begging and work very hard until the end. Very professional and did the best for my case.
Hi experience with this company have been great. I have appreciated everything you have done for me. I’ll get my life back on course. I have great have a great pleasure and experience minutes with the things they have done for me. I have really been great and I think I’m for everything and this is the real good company to be with. Thank you.
I was well taken care of every Step of the way
Mr. Cambel is an amazing lawyer! He is very patient and thorough with everything. He didn’t give up until we got a good deal. His assistant is absolutely wonderful and very helpful as well.
Haven't heard back yet
Love this place!!! Loved everything about it very professional and will take care of you!! When you work with them u get told all the tools you will need to make the entire process easier for you and your future.
Great lawyer! Wouldn’t recommend getting in trouble, but if you do I would definitely pick this law firm!
I appreciate miss monica and associates for a great job they did for me. They were always straightforward and get me the best deal possible.
The absolutely best feeling when your lost scared confused IS when you have lawyers like Monica and kristie on your team ! Made me feel more confident about my situation. I highly recommend this law firm they went beyond my expectations and treated me like family.
I just wonna say Chase Dietrich is the man for the job if ur willing to help your self he will help you out ever way he can if you don’t wonna help ur self please just don’t waste his time thank you with everything you help me out with I’m very grateful and Appreciate of you helping me move forward with my future so if you need help this man is the one to help you out with everything he can!!! Thanks Chase
I can't give enough thanks to Chase and his team with TCDG. At first I was worried and already feeling exhausted of not knowing what was going to come from this , but they assured me they will take care of everything and communicate with me every step of the way and that's exactly what they did. After my initial consultation I felt relieved knowing they had my personal interests in mind. At the end of it all they had my case dismissed! I hope I'll never have to use them again, but if I do, I know I'll be in good hands. Thanks again TCDG!!
I’m highly recommend Chase Diethrich the best lawyer ever for any person need of assistance with a criminal justice cases ! Mr. Chase is extremely professional, very honest and friendly which made to represent me the best choice! I come to Mr. Chase after hiring three other attorneys and losing hope in my cases. I had 4 unusual cases has been going on for about three years I was very stressed.He carefully studied my cases and fast a few short months and all my 4 cases have been dismissed! Better outcome than I ever could’ve hoped.If you’re thinking about hiring him please do because he doesn’t give up and he tells it to you straight and lets you know the good and bad and takes big stress away from you. I from Ukrainian and Mr. Chase safe my life and my family I can see again. Mr. Chase amazing attorney to have . So thankful! I can personally recommend 100%!!!
Love this firm's hard work that they put into each individual case!
Highly recommend this law firm! Great people who will help you with any case that concerns you!
Great people who are there for you whenever you need them. Chase Deithrich was my attorney and was there for me whenever I had questions and concerns about my case. He got me a deal that I didn’t even think was possible. They have a wonderful team there, and I highly recommend giving them a call if you ever need the services that they offer.
Channon has amazing work ethic and is a critical member of the team! 5 Stars
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with TCDG, especially working with Haileigh. She was so compassionate to my situation and did everything in her power to help me, 5 stars!
Haileigh was very professional and a great help. She was very helpful, easy to work with, and very reliable. I enjoyed working with her and she made everything a smooth process. Will definitely be contacting her in the future if needed!
Channon's dedication and loyalty is missed in Virginia. What a great addition to your firm.
Channon's work ethic and dedication when she worked her in Virginia was phenominal. She is a great asset to your firm.
These people really care about the people, especially Jessica Wiebrecht. Thank you.
Jess was extremely helpful and answered every question I had.
Buen servicio al cliente
Good staff👍👍👍
My experience working with MacKenzie Renee was outstanding. Such a good work ethic and always willing to help. Shawna Greenwood
Alexis was very helpful, friendly and answered all of my questions
Alexis was knowledgeable attentive courteous and a pleasure to speak with
Channon is one of the most trustworthy, dedicated and hardworking people I've had the pleasure of working with. She has displayed communication skills, decisiveness, time management and active listening skills. She is also compassionate and seizes the opportunity to help others. Channon is the type of person who will fight for you! Trust in her!
Alexis was very professional & helpful.
Had a very positive experience with Jessica Wiebrecht. Thank you!
Haileigh was very helpful!
Haileigh made everything so easy!
Enjoyed the experience with Haileigh
Enjoyed working with Haileigh!
Great Intake Team. Yvette in the intake department has great customer service and is super nice.
Yvette in the Intake department was very helpful, calm and understanding. She also speaks Spanish so that was very helpful.
It was a pleasure working with Haileigh. She is highly attentive and works efficiently. She is inquisitive by nature and always performed to the highest level of professionalism.
Jessica Wiebrecht was very professional and helped me with all my needs.
Jessica Wiebrecht is the most helpful, non-judgmental person! She works hard to help people and is very kind!
Jess is wonderfully helpful!
Paloma did great job helping me.
Not a client but I have had the opportunity and honor of working with Channon. Her dedication to getting the job done and done right is so rare to find these days. Put your trust in Channon and you will get unbelievable results. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
I've already found so much comfort with this group just from our consultation call today. I have no doubt that we've made the right decision to choose them and I thank Channon for being so attentive towards us! Can't wait to see how the journey goes.
Monica is great, would recommend.
Great firm. Highly recommend!
They offer representation in many criminal cases and have a lot of experience.
El servicio al cliente es muy profesional y amable
I have known Mackenzie for two years. Her work ethic is great, she treats customers the way they need and should be treated!
Love these people. They are so nice. Monica is the best!
Love this company and what they do! Monica and her team work hard and it shows!
This law firm offers many different levels of defense in criminal cases !
You may be overwhelmed by the amount of legal representation companies there are in Texas, but if you need to make a decision like your life depended on it (because it may), Texas Criminal Defense Group is a wise choice to make. They care, they are professional and knowledgeable. I trust their team to get the job done.
Great customer service provided, felt like they actually cared
Received great customer service from intake Yvette
upon calling for an initial consult, and getting mackenzie as an intake specialist, she takes pride in getting you the most help and answering any and all questions to the best of her knowledge. She’s very respectful and takes the time to make you comfortable!!
Has it under control
They have over 20 years of experience handling different kinds of criminal defense cases across Texas. Great Team!
Excellent customer service.
Great customer service!
Excellent lawyers and staff.
Thank you so much for what you do ! If you ever need help in a legal matter, contact them immediately !! Great staff and customer service!
I appreciate the attention to detail this firm takes when speaking and representing people in need of criminal defense.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Received wonderful customer care from Paloma Rojo. Answered all my quested in a proper and detail manner.
I have known Channon for 27 years. She is one of the hardest working most determined people I know. Her ability and drive to learn new things and her desire to be the best at whatever she does makes her an amazing asset .
I would like to give an awesome shout out to Channon Rice as she has got to have the best work ethics i have ever encountered, she isnt one to give up she stays with the situation till she has the right answers for you, you can't go wrong with Channon on your side !!
My consultation with Channon was great. She had great energy and helped me get a better understanding on the importance on having a Great defense Group. Their effort and energy definitely give me a reassurance. Definitely grateful to have to Texas Criminal Defense Group in my corner.
I must say that the Texas Criminal Defense Group did the absolute finest job I've ever seen or heard of. They are informative, detailed, easy to work with and thorough. They work as a team, they all have great personalities, and each and every one of them in that office performs their duties to the highest order. I was pretty down about my situation and it did look pretty bleak for me but they came in and through their persistence and dedication achieved a result beyond my expectations. The working with me financially and keeping me up to date set me at ease during my whole process. I highly recommend this professional staff and wish I could do something as good for them as they did for me.
No doubt the best in Texas 3 cases dismissed stress relievers great prices xponged great deals thankz Monica Banard.sure will recommend 2 the pple ,Thankz 2 Erin great person great listener thank you'll so much CDG....
Don’t even consider another law firm if you need a criminal defense lawyer in Midland. They are the best!
The Very Best Attorneys In Texas! I was facing 15yrs on a 1st degree felony. I was innocent of the charges. I hired these guys and Marchbanks got it dismissed by second court date!! They are worth every penny! This is my second review I left 4 them! They truly deserve way more than 5 stars!! If you have found yourself in trouble I promise you these lawyers are who you need to see you thru it! They are honest, Never misleading you because they want your money. As matter of fact they are picky about who they represent so feel lucky if u are excepted by them!! Great Job
Very reliable law firm Stephan Hamilton made sure I was in good hands and fought hard for me and my case I’m very thankful to have had him on my side
TCDG were the best! Jonathan got my case dismissed immediately. I totally recommend him and the law firm, 100%. Beyond Satisfied!!!
For a great rate this is easily the best group of defense lawyers for dwi and drug charges
They were very attentive to my case
I’m am very satisfied with the outcome of my case Chase Diethrich it’s a very good attorney highly recommend
Helped me get a great deal would recommend them to anyone
The best lawyer’s in Lubbock. Very professional and they can help you with your case..I highly recommend them.
The HAMILTON GRANT team is the absolute BEST. Mr. Hamilton, Shane Byrd, Chase Diethrich are true professionals and experts at their craft. The Hamilton Grant team far exceeded all my expectations in terms of their professionalism and performance. I will work with no other.
Friendly professional and they always keep you informed when you ask them. Great people to use when you need them
Good and to the point
Hamilton & Grant Law Firm provided the best experience for my case. The staff was pleasant each time I reached out. Baron Eliason was very knowledgeable and it was a pleasant and reassuring experience throughout the process. He communicated details well. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and it getting dismissed. I would recommend this Law Firm and give it 5 stars!
If I could give this a 10 star I would. Chase is the best hands down, no questions asked.His communication was on point, he was very professional and made sure I understood everything that was going on. I would definitely recommend him every time.
Five stars does no justice for the Hamilton and Grant firm. I was fortunate enough to have Chase going to bat for me and he hit the grand slam. Professional, confident, prompt, and organized are a few of many qualities Chase brings to the table assuring his client that he has everything taken care of and what's in their best interest. This allowed me to live a stress free lifestyle knowing that he is going to go up and beyond to make sure that I get the very best outcome possible. I would recommend Chase to anyone dealing with legal issues with confidence that they will get what they pay for and then some. I would like to say thank you Chase for your time and efforts you put into getting my case dismissed allowing me to continue life with a future without a past.
The most attentive and professional group of people one could only hope to find in difficult circumstances. I received very personal interaction from every member of the team, despite being over fifteen hundred miles apart.I highly recommend them.
The most attentive and professional group of people one could only hope to find in difficult circumstances. I received very personal interaction from every member of the team, despite being over fifteen hundred miles apart.I highly recommend this firm, who live up to their myriad endorsements.
Very good lawyers they send a lot of information about your case, and also git my cases dismissed and less than two months. Highly recommend
I highly recommend that you consider Ms. Barnard to handle your legal needs. She is a person of strong moral and ethical conduct.She also brings passion for her work and to the people she serves.
Monica Barnard is one of the only people I trust when it comes to legal issues. She is thoughtful, caring, and has a tremendous work ethic! If I could rate her higher, I would!
Mrs. Monica Barnard is amazing and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.
Monica is an awesome professional. I have had the opportunity to interact with her on several professional settings and she's very passionate/knowledgeable about what she does.
I highly recommend Monica. She is highly skilled, responsive, and the criminal defense attorney I recommend to my own clients.
If you want someone you can trust to get defend you in your time of need, these attorneys really care!
Always tough to find a law firm that has your best interest in mind. Monica is great! Highly recommend.
Absolutely tremendous knowledge, communication, and service overall. Could not have asked for a better result, and would certainly recommend them to anyone needing representation.
People sometimes find themselves in bad and sensitive situations and The Texas Criminal Defense Group are beyond caring and treat you like family. They go above and beyond to get the best deal possible for the client. I also never had a problem reaching them by phone or email which was a huge plus. I can not say enough good things about them and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal advice.
Channon with a C, was very straight forward & professional. Very easy to talk to & makes you feel comfortable right off the bat of the conversation. I would highly recommend this firm already as I’m beginning my journey with them.
With my case it was difficult and Monica Bernard handled my case very well she answer all my questions and handled everything I think God for her and helping and be using her for the future cases if I need to.
Very professional and caring attorney. Highly recommend.
Monica Barnard’s attentiveness, her professionalism, and her years of experience all translated to excellent results.I highly recommend!
Great attorneys with great service. Definitely recommend them if you have had a run in with the law
Baron Eliason took care of my case, he was there the whole process, answered all my questions, kept me updated, highly recommend.
They helped me and my family in a time where I needed strong representation. They had great communication and truly care about their client. Would suggest to family and friends
I was very very satisfied with the outcome. He was the best I really recommend him
Best defense group in West Texas! Tremendous service offered by this group. All charges dropped after misunderstanding with the law! I recommend this group to anyone.
Highly recommend, works well with your case! Friendly and took care of business as needed.
The entire firm is amazing. The staff is professional and really knows how to navigate through the legal system. Baron Ellison is extremely helpful and spends quality time helping his clients understand everything in an easy and concise manner. Kirsten is wonderful and makes clients feel connected and valued. AMAZING AMARILLO FIRM!!
Baron is a great attorney, very knowledgable, professional, and will answer any questions you have. The staff is great at communicating and keeping you up to date with upcoming events.
Thanks so much for helping me get the best possible outcome!! I can’t thank you guys enough!
Baron and his team did whatever they can do to make thanks easy as possible before and after the case. I couldn't have asked for a better team to help me thank you all.
They are extremely helpful and always responded quickly to my calls or texts. I felt like they really cared. And I had a good outcome on my case. I would highly recommend them.
Baron is was the best DWI attorney he keeps his clients well informed. If anyone should need legal advice and legal represention I highly recommend Baron. Baron truly represents his clients best interest.
A responsive team that gets what you need done done. My case was handled expeditiously and professionally; Tommy Hull and Kenna Rhind were particularly fantastic.
Baron Eliason and his staff are awesome at what they do, i hired him to get my name cleared and he did just that. The whole time keeping me updated on things i needed to do or paperwork i needed to sign. Anytime i had a question they were just a phone call away and if i couldn't get thru to who i needed to talk to they would take my message and call me right back within minutes never leaving me feeling unimportant or like just another customer. They really take care of you, great service and will definitely keep their business card in case i need them in the future.
I had a great experience with the law firm. I dealt with Baron mostly and I highly recommend him. He would always answer and explain every question I had. He and Kirsten were very responsive.
Extremely pleased, they are very professional and know exactly what they are doing. Highly recommend them.
Chase Diethrich is the best of the best at what he does. He did expectational work with my case, he was able to get my whole DWI case thrown right out of the window. Gone. Like it never happened. He is very professional, responsive, and attentive. Highly recommend that if you need someone to handle your case for you Chase is the guy! Thanks for a second chance at a future Chase.
Awesome work! Worth the money!
If you feel alone, depressed, scared, worried, and lost when you got into trouble this is a place to go. Hamilton Grant Baron Elliason was the person i will recommend. He is very knowledgeable dealing with law. He will help you bring back you confident that was lost during your trouble. Not only as a lawyer but this person has a heart and compassion. He understand the feelings and will support you in anyway he can. Now i am free and standing on my own. I could never escape this if i did not meet Baron. I should say he became my mentor, a friend, and somebody who will believe in you, he is my angel.I will recommend Baron Eliason to try and work with you and that you are not missing the best service that you deserve.
I would recommend Hamilton Grant law firm service for hire on, no matter the situation your in you will be amazed by the performance of the team that is put together and the outcome of the situation.I personally was dealing with a hardcore nutshell situation with a thin chance of hope on my side but with the performance of the Hamilton Grant law firm and prayers to the man above my results were outstanding and more than fair.If your in need of hope and a fair battle in the courtroom I would highly recommend the Hamilton Grant defense team with five stars and nothing less!
Chase was very helpful and did a great job representing me and keeping me informed of what was happening in my case and what my options were.
Baron is an amazing attorney and cares for his clients, he goes above and beyond to get the best deal possible! I would never use another attorney or firm!
When I initially hired this team I was very nervous, but Chase Diethrich and the entire staff was extremely helpful and assured me that things would be taken care of. Sure enough, things were taken care of and I couldn’t be happier with the result. These are, hands down, the best attorney’s you will find not only in Lubbock but in all of West Texas & Texas in general. I want to also mention that my personal attorney, Chase Diethrich, was nothing but professional and on point with any questions or concerns I had. I really can’t explain how safe and secure these people made me feel. If you even have a doubt in your mind, hire them. You will not regret it.
Working with Hamilton Grant was the best choice I made. My issue was resolved and in a rapid manner, and expectations were set and handled accordingly. All my questions were answered in a timely manner and I had someone available through the entire process
Tommy Hull and his team are extremely professional and I would recommend them to anyone in need of help.
Great attorney! Answered all my questions and always made himself available when I needed something clarified or wanted to discuss my case. Obtained a favorable resolution thanks to the efforts of Chase and the rest of the Hamilton-Grant team. Thanks y'all!
I would highly recommend Baron Eliason. He is full of integrity and is definitely someone you want in your corner when you are facing a hard situation. I have the utmost respect for him and value his heart for people.
These guys are the best in Lubbock! I cannot thank them enough for all the work they put for me and getting the best possible outcome. I cannot recommend these guys enough it's like they're magicians! If you want to stay out of jail you NEED to hire Mr. Stephen Hamilton. They are seriously the best in town and if it weren't for them I'd be a felon. Thank God that they exist because they are seriously the best at what they do. If you need an amazing attorney with great results this is the man for you. Him and his whole team are the best and I seriously cannot thank them enough.
Great lawyers, handled businesses.
Chase at Hamilton Grant was a refreshing take on my experience with attorneys. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help with legal troubles. Thanks Hamilton Grant
I hired Hamilton Grant in 2018 for 3 cases. Baron and Steven worked tirelessly on them from start to finish. In 2019 one of the cases was resolved with a decent plea deal. The other 2 got put on hold due to covid and other issues. Finally this year we got to take care of the other two. When it came down to play ball. They was ready! I met with them prior to the trial to align our strategy. I arrived to find them all in a conference room with tons of ammo for the cases. I was very impressed and pleased. The state ended up dropping the main case in the end. Had we went to trail on the specific one the state was in for it. The other case we went to trial on. They went at the state like a pack of hungry wolves. There was points in the trial that was almost movie like. Seeing them work was spectacular. In the end these gentlemen took great care of me! I would say 10 out of 10 rating! They was worth every penny! They are polite and courteous. They felt like family. When you are thier clients they treat with that West Texas hospitality. I hope I dont ever have to hire defense attorneys again. but if I do. I will definitely be calling Hamilton Grant!!
All staff is super friendly, responsive, and always take their time to answer any questions about your case. So thankful for all of them and the results of my case.
If you are looking for an attorney that will go the distance to help you get the best deal possible baron is definitely your guy! He's helped me tremendously. He keeps in contact and updated at all times I am very pleased with his services and glad I used him as my attorney.
Excellent team at Hamilton Grant Midland. Very knowledgeable & professional. Highly recommend!!
I used Hamilton and Grant for my first ever charge. I was charged with a felony and they were able to get me set on a pre trial deferment. Which kept me home with my family. They were open about everything the whole time. Responded promptly everytime I had a question. Very reasonable prices and easy to manage payment schedules. Thank you to Mr. Chase for making such a scary life situation go by as smoothly and relaxed as possible. Many thanks from my wife, daughter, and myself.
Recommend 10/10, had a slight misunderstanding with the law "allegedly," and all charges were dropped! Super thankful for Hamilton Grant and their services.
Hi, Hamilton Grant is awesome! I had a ALR hearing and was nervous to lose my license but thanks to Hamilton Grant I don’t have to worry because they got it dismissed. If anyone needs help with court situation I would look up Hamilton Grant they are professional and great at there job!
My lawyer Baron Eliason was very professional and did a great job on advocating for me and my case. I would recommend anyone seeking council to look no further, pick this law firm!
I've know Baron Eliason for quite some time now, not directly as a client but via a connection in a different professional capacity, and every interaction I've had with him has been professional and timely. He's responsive, knowledgeable and detailed. We've traded dozens upon dozens of emails, had phone calls, and zoom videos with each other and he's someone I truly enjoy having a connection with.
I don’t have an ongoing case at the moment, however, he did answer some questions I’ve been having about my prior conviction. He was very informative and helpful. As well as gave me confidence in what I am still legally able to do, and I’ll be speaking with him in 2023 to help me put this entire scenario behind me. Recommend 5 out of 5.
Hamilton Grant's Midland fights hard for every one of it's clients. You couldn't have a better defense team. I highly recommend!
Baron was a great criminal attorney since the beginning. Made sure we understood everything.Thank you! Baron for everything you have done for Edgar.We appreciate everything.God bless you ❤️
The whole team at HG Midland is wonderful. Tommy really cares about all of his clients and fights for the best resolution. You are in good hands with this office. He and McLane do a great job.
Tommy Hull is the hometown hero!!! Retain him when the chips are down!!! Bailiff & Judge were angry I got such a good deal!
I was facing an assault case in Midland county and hired a lawyer from Dunham and Jones. After paying half the fee up front (1750) with cash I might add nothing was done with my case and I was facing trial with nothing to show for it. So i refused to pay the rest of the fee, and was facing trial alone. Then I found out about Tommy Hull. Very knowledgeable, professional, and understanding man. I paid a retainer to him a week before my trial took place. In just that one week Tommy got all my paperwork taken care of, discovery was made available to me instantly, and best of all my case was dismissed!!! I would highly recommend him as an attorney and his staff as a whole. Very courteous and professional firm. 5 stars
Mr. Hull was hired to represent my son on a felony charge. From our first meeting he was very professional and attentive to all the details of his defense. My son had never been in any legal trouble prior and we were very concerned about the charges that he was facing. Tommy explained the whole process in detail and the possible scenarios that we would face every step of the way. He explained the plea agreements offered and what the consequences would be. We denied the plea and decided to put our trust in him even if it meant taking the case to trial . His experience and expertise proved accurate and our outcome was everything that we could have hoped for. He reviewed all of the evidence against my son personally and with the DA. Before having to go to trail the charges were dropped and motioned for the arrest to be removed from his record. We couldn't have asked for a better result.
Great Attorney, Excellent ServiceI had an assault charge and Tommy Hull got my case dismissed without me ever having to go to court. The process was smooth, the staff is very friendly and helpful. They took care of all the paperwork and made any files on my case extremely easy to access through an online profile the law firm created for me. I would definitely recommend them!
Tommy Hull got my dwi case dismissed. Took care of all paperwork. Explained in detail all options and what would happen. Made the whole process very easy.
I had a Dwi charge, that I felt that could have been fought. I hired Hamillton, Hull & Byrd law firm. They helped me fight my case and we came out with a positive outcome. Will recomend to anyone.