Violating a Restraining Order in Lubbock 

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A person accused of violating a restraining order in Lubbock would be held in contempt of court. A judge has flexibility on what they can do. They can put the person in jail and fine them, put restrictions on them, et cetera. Contempt of court would be an additional crime as well. The repercussions of violating a restraining order in Lubbock can be very serious. Contact a skilled lawyer in Lubbock to see what you can do about such consequences.

Abiding by Provisions

If the person is the accuser, in theory, contempt of court can be cited for a violation. But that would be a last resort. If a person is the accused. Most likely the person is going to have some kind of criminal prosecution for violating a restraining order. There will be repercussions for violating a restraining order in Lubbock.

Having an Attorney at a Restraining Order Hearing

The accused person would want to protect themselves down the line and protect their constitutional rights. These matters are very complex and emotional. And an accused person would need help to navigate through all the procedures, how things work, what the accused person needs to know, and other aspects of a hearing. All those rules can affect a person’s rights if not done in a timely fashion or in the right way.

Additionally, an accused person would not be aware of the rules of evidence. The accused person would not know when to object or why to object at a hearing, and nobody is going to help that person at that hearing. If nobody is helping the accused person at the hearing, evidence will be placed on the record and it will hurt the accused person.

Retaining an experienced attorney is a way the accused person can protect themselves and their rights. There is a lot at stake and the accused person does not want to go into court completely unprepared. An accused person needs somebody standing beside them to protect their Constitutional rights and protect their access to children, property, firearms, and their good name. That is why it is important to know what repercussions there are of violating a restraining order in Lubbock by contacting an attorney.

Contacting a Lubbock Restraining Order Lawyer

Being charged with any crime is an emotional and taxing ordeal. For a person to be in the criminal justice system with the weight, force, power, and resources of the government against them. For example, they will need advice and guidance from an experienced restraining order lawyer.

It can be especially stressful because the crime involves someone that whom the person had an intimate relationship. A person needs somebody to add some objectivity to the situation and use their expertise in navigating the legal system. An experienced attorney can explain the charges, and the legal process, and can suggest choices that are best for them. Therefore, for more information on the repercussions of violating a restraining order in Lubbock, contact a lawyer today to protect your freedoms.