Marijuana Penalties in Lubbock

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Marijuana possession convictions carry a host of consequences that can haunt you for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t get jail time. Many police officers, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and even some defense attorneys are completely unaware of the ramifications that a conviction for a marijuana offense can have on a victim.

Consequences of a Conviction

If you are convicted, the State of Texas can (and likely will) suspend your driver’s license for as much as six months. If you have a commercial driver’s license, you could lose it indefinitely. So, if you are a driver by trade, whether it’s a bus driver, long-distance rig driver. Or even a construction equipment operator, you may lose your job. Even if you simply depend on being able to drive to get to work, you could lose your job if you can’t get there.

Background checks have become routine these days. No company or likely any potential employer is going to afford you any level of trust when they see a drug arrest on your record.

Other Consequences

The same goes for landlords. Even if you own your home, if you’ve got a mortgage and you lose your job. Particularly in this economy. A simple possession charge could result in your being unable to find another job and pay off your mortgage. You could lose your home.

  • Obtaining a passport will prove difficult or even impossible.
  • You may no longer be eligible to apply for loans—be they property, school, car, personal, or business loans, for example—or even be unable to receive any form of government assistance, like welfare or even unemployment.
  • If you are a college or university student at the time of your arrest. You could be expelled and lose any federal financial aid you’ve been receiving.
  • If you are not a citizen of the United States. A drug conviction could get you deported or deny you Naturalization. If you have a “green card,” a drug conviction (even if it’s deferred), could prevent you from being able to renew it when your current card expires. If that happened, you would have to exit the United States or, if you attempted to remain here illegally, subject you to further criminal prosecution.

Benefit Of a Drug Attorney

Do not take chances with your future. If you have been arrested or charged with a marijuana offense in Lubbock, call us today. Get a solid, experienced team of attorneys who have an established history of successful drug defense behind you now. Your rights are too precious to hand over to just anyone.