Building a Lubbock Second-Offense DUI Defense

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If you are facing charges for your second DUI, it is important to consider reaching out to an attorney with experience in building a Lubbock second-offense DUI defense. The penalties for a second-offense DUI can be harsher than the first, making a strong defense strategy vital when going to court. Read on to learn more about what goes into building a Lubbock second-offense DUI defense, as well as the ways a professional criminal lawyer could make a difference in your case.

How to Start Building a Lubbock Second-Offense DUI Defense

When first building a Lubbock second-offense DUI defense, an experienced attorney will examine all the facts of the situation available to them in great detail. Why did the police stop the defendant? Did the officer have the legal right to do so? Did the defendant act intoxicated? What were their results from the sobriety test? Answers to any of these questions could potentially change the entire outcome of a case depending on their situation.

Proving the First-Offense DUI

In addition, a skilled criminal lawyer will also obtain all documents from the prior DUI case so that they can verify whether or not the defendant received a valid conviction. In these cases, the prosecution must prove the validity of both DUI convictions in order to have the individual receive the penalties specifically associated with a second offense. If an attorney is able to prove that the previous conviction was not true or to plead the previous case down to reckless driving or obstruction of a roadway, the penalties for an individual’s DUI case will not be nearly as severe.

Differences in Defending a Second-Offense DUI vs a First-Offense

In the case of a second-offense DUI, the chance of conviction is higher because of the defendant’s prior allegation. The liability of the charge increases as well because it could place the accused individual in a higher punishment range. If convicted of this charge, the defendant could also be found guilty of a felony in the future if they received one more subsequent DUI conviction. However, because of this fact, it is important to realize that going to trial can greatly help an individual because if they are found innocent, it can potentially keep them from being arrested for a felony charge in the future.

The Role of a Qualified Defense Attorney

While facing charges for a second-offense DUI can be a daunting experience, know that you do not have to face it alone. A skilled defense lawyer can assist you by gathering evidence in your favor, interviewing key witnesses, and acting as an aggressive advocate for your defense in order to fight for your rights in court. An attorney with extended experience in building a Lubbock second-offense DUI defense will be able to prepare you for your appearance in court while keeping you aware of what to expect from the prosecution. If you require legal counsel in building a Lubbock second-offense DUI defense for your case, reach out to a determined criminal lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.