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Federal drug crimes in the state of Texas are treated seriously and frequently result in individuals facing substantial penalties. The most serious of the drug-related charges is possession with intent to distribute and can result in a lengthy prison sentence.

If you were charged with a federal drug crime, a Midland federal drug lawyer can discuss your case with you and help defend your case. Work with a skilled federal defense lawyer that can attempt to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Federal Drug Classification Schedules

Many people are aware of the federal government’s controlled substance schedule but are uncertain of the details. The following drugs are included in the government’s schedule:

  • Schedule I Drugs: These drugs do not have any accepted medical benefit and carry a high potential for abuse
  • Schedule II Drugs: These drugs have a significant risk of being abused
  • Schedule III Drugs: Drugs in this category have less risk of being abused than Schedule I or Schedule II drugs. These drugs have a high probability of psychological dependency and a moderate potential for physical dependency
  • Schedule IV Drugs: Drugs in this category have less potential for abuse than Schedule II or Schedule III drugs
  • Schedule V Drugs: These drugs have a low risk of abuse and a commonly recognized medical use

Federal Drug Laws

In 1970, Congress signed the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act into law. The Act was responsible for organizing federal drug laws into five different schedules, which are a category based on the addictive and dangerous nature of a drug.

The Act also assigns the United States Attorney General the power of adding drugs to that schedule. Some of the various offenses that the Midland federal drug lawyer can provide a defense for include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug Cultivation: This act includes growing illegal drugs. Some of the most common examples include cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines
  • Drug Distribution: This offense is often used to refer to small-scale drug operations that manufacture, transport, and sell illegal drugs
  • Drug Manufacturing: Large-scale drug enterprises that manufacture, sell, or transport drugs are included in this category
  • Drug Trafficking: A variety of activities are included in this category including the manufacture, sale, or transportation of drugs in large amounts

Penalties and Defenses Related to Federal Drug Crimes

The penalties for federal drug crimes differ based on a number of factors, including if the offender had a prior criminal history if a person’s life was endangered, or if a weapon was involved. These penalties frequently result in hefty fines and lengthy amounts of jail time.

But there are some important defenses that a person can raise in response to a federal drug charge. An experienced Midland federal drug lawyer is often able to review the facts in a person’s case to determine the best way to respond. A potential defense could be that evidence is inadmissible because it was obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Another defense could be that the drug test results were inaccurate. Lastly, a Midland federal drug lawyer could argue that the prosecution failed to establish that the defendant committed a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Speaking With a Midland Federal Drug Attorney

Those convicted of a federal drug crime can face very serious obstacles. In these situations, it can be difficult to determine how to proceed.

A Midland federal drug lawyer can attempt to minimize the number of hurdles that might be created as the result of these situations. Therefore, contact a skilled attorney today to discuss your charges and how we can help.