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A sex crime charge against a student can potentially have very serious consequences for their future. In all cases, anyone charged with a sex crime benefits from having a lawyer on their side that supports them through the legal process and provides the best defense possible under the law. If you are a student facing a sex crime charge. Know that a Midland student sex crimes lawyer can help you fight your case. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated defense attorney could represent your best interests today.

Penalties for Convicted Students

In cases where the involved sex crime offense is not particularly serious such as a conviction of public indecency. Someone convicted of the crime may not face very substantial penalties. If a more serious offense is involved, however, such as a rape accusation. There are some very significant penalties that an individual might face, including potential expulsion from school.

If the crime occurred at a college or university. It is important to understand that higher institutes of learning often have their own code to determine how to handle these situations. In some cases, a student might not be severely punished by the law. But will be severely punished by their college or university.

Many criminal charges that result in probation or imprisonment will be in the jurisdiction of a court rather than a college or university. In some situations, a college or university will wait until a court decides to determine how to penalize a student before making their own determination. It is important to understand that many students found guilty of a sex crime will be required to register as a sex offender, which can substantially impact their future. Know that a skilled Midland student sex crimes lawyer could help fight against these penalties through aggressive representation in court.

Teachers Accused of Sex Crimes

Teachers can also face charges for having sexual relations with students. In accordance with Texas Penal Code Section 21.02, any individual younger than 17 years of age is considered a child. If allegations are made against a teacher, the teacher can face very serious penalties.

Texas Penal Code Section 21.12 defines student/teacher sexual relationships as a second-degree felony. According to the law, an employee of a primary school commits a chargeable offense. If that employee engages in sexual intercourse with someone who is enrolled at the school has sexual intercourse with an individual that the employee knows is enrolled in the same school district where the employee works. Is a student participant in an activity that is sponsored by the school district. Or the employee provides educational services to those participants.

If the teacher was the spouse of the student at the time of the offense, or the teacher was not more than three years older than the student, then that teacher cannot face charges for sex crimes against a student. Because this law is designed to only prohibit relationships between students and teachers in primary and secondary schools, the law does not apply to post-secondary school relationships. Reach out to a professional criminal attorney to learn more.

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Being charged with a sex crime as a student can be an overwhelming event that often can leave someone uncertain about their future. If you were charged with committing a sex crime, consult with an experienced Midland student sex crimes lawyer.

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