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Preventing the illegal use of prescription drugs are a priority for Odessa law enforcement. The city has seen abuse of prescriptions becoming increasingly common in the medical area. Individuals will do what is known as doctor shopping. They will see one doctor for a prescription of hydrocodone and then shortly after that. They will see another doctor or visit the emergency room with the intent to add more to the prescription or prescriptions. That is a criminal offense.

The Department of Public Safety is also using their investigative arm to seriously looking at this type of criminal offenses in Texas. You may be recommended to speak to an Odessa prescription drug lawyer when facing charges of illegally using doctor-prescribed medication. An aggressive defense attorney may be able to protect you from the ensuing legal and social consequences of a criminal conviction.

Understanding Prescription Medication Offenses

Prescription drug offenses in Odessa, Texas are very serious. There are several real issues that I see on a constant basis. There are those individuals who have prescription drugs who simply do not have the prescription for them and the drugs in question may not have been prescribed to them. In certain areas, which may include colleges. Students use Adderall and other prescriptions drugs as a form of speed drug to stay up all night and study for exams.

There are many instances of college students or other individuals being caught with other people’s prescription drugs. It1 is illegal in the state of Texas to possess a prescription drug without a valid prescription. What most people may not consider is that even a wife giving her legally prescribed migraine medication to her husband for his knee pain may be illegal a criminal offense in Odessa. This act may constitute a misdemeanor or felony for the possession of a dangerous drug.

If the district attorney’s office wished to prosecute the case, they could charge the wife with possession with the intent to deliver since deliver doesn’t always have to mean a financial money. If the wife gave the drug to the husband, that’s is typically enough under the delivery statute. There is typically no need for an exchange of money. A prescription medication attorney in Odessa could help accused individuals dispute any criminal allegations in court.

How Odessa Courts Might Treat Prescription Cases

Prescription drugs abuse is an epidemic in the state of Texas. Doctors may write multiple scripts or may issue narcotics, opioids, and others to help people avoid suffering pain.  Most individuals that get addicted to and abuse prescription drug may not fit the stereotype of a dealer or an addict as they could be a local tire store worker or a teacher that takes care for children. Those who abuse prescription drugs may have had a significant event occur in their life which left them with back pain, knee injuries, massive migraine headaches. Once they are hooked to the drug after beginning their prescription. The problem may become an addiction when the doctors try to wean them off. Odessa prescription drug lawyer may be experienced in prescription medication cases. And could help a person understand how one may become addicted.

Evidence that May Come into Play

Very similar to the other cases we have been talking about. Prosecutors must typically show the substance in question is an actual drug, and that the drug is illegal. For a drug to be constituted illegal in this context. The defendant must not have the right, or a prescription, to take it. It is the burden of the government to then show the person arrested does not have a legal prescription for the drug. Prescription drug cases in Odessa may be different to other drug cases since authorities typically examine look to see if the defendant has or had a prescription for the drug and if they have an addiction issue. Counseling and certain tests may show the accused person is no longer taking the prescription. Certain urinalysis or hair follicle test could help the case get resolved.

Retaining an Accomplished Odessa Prescription Drug Attorney for Help

While Texas handling criminal cases is that prescription medication cases may carry a great deal of liability. Therefore, an experienced attorney in Odessa could help. A conviction for possession of an illegal substance. Whether it is a prescription drug or a drug that is completely per se illegal drug. Therefore, this may be an overwhelming prospect to deal with.

A conviction could end up on a person’s record. As well as the doctors accused of the said crime may find their ability to prescribe medicine in the future hindered. An Odessa prescription drug lawyer could look at these issues and ensure these charges stay off a person’s record. In conclusion, call Texas Criminal Defense Group today.