What Do You Do if You Are Arrested for Domestic Violence?

If the police arrest you for a domestic violence offense, you should identify yourself (if asked) and you should not resist arrest. Otherwise, say nothing to anyone until you have a chance to talk to a lawyer.

If you are taken to jail, you will have a chance to contact a lawyer after you are booked. You can answer booking questions (such as your address and your height and weight) but do not answer any questions about the crime you are accused of committing. Just say “I will not answer any questions without having my lawyer present.” The police are supposed to stop questioning you as soon as they hear that phrase, but if they persist, keep saying that you will not speak to them until your lawyer is present.

You are entitled to a prompt hearing before a magistrate who will consider releasing you on bond. The magistrate might impose protective bond conditions if you are released. You should try to be represented by a lawyer before the bond hearing so that an effective argument can be made to release you on bond with conditions that are reasonable.

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