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Many states have taken steps to lessen the severity of their drug laws. While this may allow some people to avoid prosecution at the state level, the federal government can still file charges alleging violations of federal drug laws.

In fact, federal drug laws are stricter than most states’ equivalent statutes. Possessing even a trace amount of an illegal substance can lead to a prosecution and a jail sentence of up to one year. More serious allegations of drug distribution are felonies that can carry a life sentence.

A Lubbock federal drug lawyer may be able to help if you are facing any type of drug allegation in federal courts. Experienced defense attorneys could explain the relevant laws, examine the strength of the prosecutor’s case, and to work towards a positive outcome in court. If you are facing drug charges, make sure to reach out to our Lubbock Federal Drug Lawyer.

The Federal Laws Concerning Illegal Drugs

Despite what many states have done to decriminalize or even legalize some drugs, the federal government still maintains a strict prohibition on merely possessing any illegal substance. Under 21 U.S.C. §844, it is a misdemeanor level offense for any person to possess even trace amounts of a controlled substance. Making matters worse, a conviction under this statute can allow a prosecutor to file a civil forfeiture case against any property connected to the drugs. This can result in a defendant not only losing their freedom, but also their property.

While any allegation of illegal drug activity is a serious matter, even more concerning are allegations of controlled substance distribution. According to 21 U.S.C. §841, this can include manufacturing and possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them in addition to simply selling the items in question. Depending on the type and quantity of the drug, penalties can range from a few years in prison to a life sentence. A Lubbock federal drug attorney could help raise a strong defense to a variety of different federal charges.

Fighting Back During Every Stage of the Case

While taking the case to trial and obtaining a not-guilty verdict is an admirable goal, many federal drug cases are won or lost long before this point. This is because drug cases are often heavily dependent upon questions of legality and evidence.

Drug charges often follow a search conducted by police. For a search to be valid, authorities must have direct knowledge of drug activity to make an arrest or have probable cause to file for a search warrant. Whether this warrant was justified under the law can be a focal point of many defense strategies. A Lubbock federal controlled substance attorney could examine the police work in question potentially challenge the legality of any searches.

An attorney could also help to limit the quantity and quality of evidence that reaches a jury. By arguing that courts should exclude evidence based upon its scientific reliability, relevance, and potential bias, an attorney could help to chip away at a prosecutor’s case. In any event, a Lubbock federal drug attorney could help defendants to raise a powerful defense in court.

A Lubbock Federal Drug Attorney Could Protect Your Rights

If you are facing allegations involving the supposed violation of federal drug laws, it is imperative that you be prepared to mount a powerful defense. A conviction under any of these statutes can result in the payment of a heavy fine, a lengthy prison sentence, or even the loss of property.

A Lubbock federal drug lawyer may be able to help you. They can stand by your side during every stage of the case, argue for fair bail terms, question the legality of evidence, and present a defense to a jury. Your entire future may hang in the balance, so you should give yourself the best chance for success. Contact an attorney today to discuss your case.