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Don’t let a possession of marijuana charge ruin your future!

Like others arrested for possession, you are probably very concerned and have many questions.  While a Possession of Marijuana (POM) charge may seem overwhelming, being arrested may not mean you are guilty. There is hope and help for you.

You may be trying to figure out what lawyer should represent you. But how do you know who to hire? What do you base your decision on?

To make matters worse, a POM conviction carries serious consequences that can affect your future–even if you don’t get jail time. You need a lawyer ASAP.

With so many states across the country reforming their POM laws (and some lifting prohibition completely), there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this charge. You must understand what you are facing to make the best decision about how to proceed.

Before you speak to ANY attorney, you should download our free ebook! This book is written in an easy-to-read format using everyday language so you can quickly use the information to make informed decisions.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Gain an insider’s look at what exactly a POM arrest means and some possible defense measures you and your attorney can take.
  • Be confident about your rights and understand why you should never let your guard down.
  • Know exactly what to look for when choosing an attorney to represent you.
  • Discover how a POM conviction on your record can affect your future.
  • Find out how police make mistakes about your case and how critical details are overlooked or omitted.
  • Have a list of important do’s and don’ts should you be arrested for POM.

Ordering this information does not create an attorney-client relationship. And don’t worry, the submission is confidential and we won’t sell or trade your information to any third parties.

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