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Spousal abuse cases are not always as straightforward as they seem. What starts out as a simple argument between a married couple can escalate into a physical altercation. At which point, law enforcement might get involved. As soon as law enforcement is involved, it is vital that you contact an attorney. They can protect your rights and advocate on your behalf.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, get in touch with a Lubbock spousal abuse lawyer. A capable domestic violence lawyer can work towards a positive outcome for you.

Spousal Abuse Defined

Spousal abuse is abuse that occurs between a husband and wife. It can be the husband abusing the wife or the wife abusing the husband. Generally, domestic violence is going to involve an assault of some kind. The relationship between the two is that domestic violence is a form of assault against a person in a certain relationship. One of those key relationships is the spousal relationship.

When a person gets accused of spousal abuse, it is going to trigger all of the ramifications of domestic violence. Affirmative findings of domestic violence in the case are going to be things like the person may face an emergency protective order. Eventually the person might face protective bond conditions. The person may be in danger of having to provide spousal maintenance if they are going through a divorce. It might endanger the person’s access and rights of possession to their minor children. A Lubbock spousal abuse lawyer can work to assure that their client’s rights are protected

What Happens Following Accusations

Following allegations of domestic violence, a protective order is often issued. What steps a person should take following a spousal abuse allegation depends on whether the allegation has merit, or if it is one that was made out of spite, or in order to secure a tactical advantage in a divorce case.Particularly, if it has to do with an allegation made out of spite, if it is just not true, or there was some mistake made, the first thing that a person can expect to come out of this is the potential for a protective order to be entered or protective bond conditions to be entered. A person wants to be prepared to fight those.

There are the other things a person can expect. A person might expect an arrest, a report to be filed with the Protective Department of Family and Protective Services, and all of the financial ramifications of bonding out of jail and hiring a Lubbock spousal abuse lawyer.

Consulting a Spousal Abuse Lawyer

Consulting a Lubbock spousal abuse lawyer is vital because of the complexity of the criminal law and the layers of statutory authority that are in different places, which makes it highly unlikely that someone without training and familiarity with the codes is going to be able to assert a defective defense. Because of the nature of any kind of domestic violence offense, the stakes are super high.

This type of offense falls into a category of offenses that cross society’s lines in terms of what they want to stigmatize and punish, and for good reason because somebody abused a vulnerable person. However, just because it is alleged, does not mean it actually happened or happened in the way the accuser is saying it did. The allegation does not mean the offense has taken place, but the penalties will stick and they will be just as harsh whether or not the person is guilty or has a viable defense. In this situation, a lawyer can be an invaluable asset. If you face these charges, speak with an attorney who can advocate for you.