Benefits of a Lubbock Drug Attorney

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All drug charges are taken seriously in Lubbock. Whether someone is arrested for possession, distribution, or manufacturing, they could face jail time and be left with a permanent criminal record. Fortunately, there are numerous benefits to contacting a Lubbock drug attorney. For help with your case, call now.

How an Attorney Approaches a Drug Case

The first step in a drug case is often a full evaluation of both the case and the client. This process is fact-specific, and what works in one case will not necessarily work in another. Every step in the arrest is open to scrutiny, including the arresting officer themself. For example, an attorney may question the officer’s history. Were they let go or terminated in another county? If so, does the officer have credibility?

It is also crucial to examine the circumstances of the arrest. For example, many cases begin with a simple traffic stop, and a lawyer could look at the length of time it took for the drug dogs to be brought to the scene. There was a case in which attorneys successfully argued that the defendant was unreasonably detained because it took too long for the dogs to arrive. The defendant was facing 25 years in prison, but because of the unreasonable detention, the case was dismissed.

Each case needs to be evaluated individually, and it is often difficult for a general practitioner to properly handle these complex cases. Larger law firms have multiple attorneys focused specifically on criminal law, and they have in-house investigators who can look at the case from the law enforcement perspective.

The Dangers of Self-Representation

If an individual is facing any type of controlled substance charge. It is very difficult to handle the case without an attorney. Because the potential risk of punishment is so high, self-representation is rare in drug cases. More importantly, attempting to raise a strong defense without help can be costly.

Many people choose to rely on experienced accountants to help with their taxes or mechanics to fix their cars. Law works the same way. To maximize the chance of success, it is often best to let a knowledgeable and skilled defense attorney take the case.

Examining the Evidence

Under federal and state law, the government is required to turn over all of its evidence in a process known as discovery. In Texas, the Michael Morton Act opens up this process and requires the government to turn over all police reports, videos from the stop, lab reports, and 911 calls to the defendant. They also have to turn over evidence that might be used to impeach police officers. For example, if an officer has been sanctioned before, warned, or terminated. The DA’s office cannot hide this from the defense.

Contact a Lubbock Drug Attorney for Advice and Support

If you were arrested on drug charges, you should strongly consider retaining legal counsel. The prosecution’s case against you may be weak. But it can be difficult to find and exploit those weaknesses without help from a professional. Call today to learn about the benefits of hiring a Lubbock drug attorney.