Lubbock Drug Charges

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Lubbock drug charges can lead to severe penalties and long-term consequences. The repercussions of a drug charge include jail time, expensive fines, and probation. Also, a drug crime can cause issues with one’s employment. The severity of the penalties depends on the drug, how much of the drug, and what offense the individual was committing. For instance, drug trafficking charges are more serious than a possession offense.

If you are facing Lubbock drug charges, reach out to an accomplished attorney today. A seasoned drug lawyer could advocate for you and protect your rights.

What to Expect From Drug Charges

Lubbock and Texas take drug offenses very seriously. The prosecutors do their best to convict defendants and ensure they face heavy penalties. When someone is being arrested for a drug charge, they should understand their rights. Individuals should remain silent and obtain an attorney as soon as possible. Things that a person thinks they could say to help themselves rarely do so. It is imperative to understand that police officers can legally lie to a person. The officer may mislead them and make promises they do not have to keep. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer could protect one’s rights and help build a strong defense.

Administering Drug Charges

The district attorney’s office is the one that files and pursues drug charges. The various agencies whether it be the Lubbock Police Department or the Department of Public Safety. The Sheriff’s office, they may make the actual arrest. But it is the DA’s office in the state case and the US Attorney’s Office in a federal case. That will make the decision on whether or not the case moves forward.

Initial Consequences with a Drug Charge

The first consequence of a drug charge is going to jail in most cases. Second, they will be required to make bond. After they get out on bond, they may be on pretrial supervision. They could then be drug tested and required to report to a probation officer even before they are convicted.

Once a person is arrested for a drug offense, the arrest will be on their record. Often, this drug arrest can lead to the person’s employer firing them. They could also face challenges with getting another job.

A Lubbock Lawyer Could Help a Person Facing Drug Charges

As soon as a person realizes that they are under investigation even if they have not been arrested. They should contact a lawyer. We have a former Department of Public Safety trooper on staff as an investigator. The investigator could help with gathering information and all the facts associated with the case. A dedicated attorney could help protect your rights, build a strong defense, and get your charges mitigated or dropped.

If you are facing Lubbock drug charges, contact a skilled lawyer today. The sooner you call, the sooner an attorney could begin working on your case. Let a well-versed legal professional advocate for you and help you through the legal process. In conclusion, schedule your free consultation with our team.