Evidence in Lubbock Drug Cases

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Drug violations are generally viewed under a serious lens. Convictions for a drug offense could result in jail time, and fines. Which may prevent a person from obtaining certain employment opportunities. Someone who has been accused of a drug offense may want to consider how the prosecution may use and collect evidence in Lubbock drug cases.

An aggressive drug lawyer could examine the way evidence was obtained and help determine if there were any constitutional issues. If you were accused of committing a drug offense. Reach out and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal options.

Types of Evidence

There are typically several types of evidence in Lubbock drug cases. Photographs, security camera video footage, police body cameras. As well as audio recordings are some of the common forms a person may encounter in court. In some cases, law enforcement may use drug dogs to locate substances that they suspect could be present. In addition to these types of evidence, there may be testimony from either witnesses or police officers who were present during the arrest. Despite the evidence that the prosecution brings against a person. An experienced attorney could help an accused individual fight the charges.

Methods of Evidence Collection

A diligent drug attorney could review the methods that law enforcement used to collect the evidence and form their accusations. In some cases, the evidence in Lubbock drug cases may not have been legally obtained. For example, if a police officer did not have probable cause to search a person, the evidence might not be admissible in court. A lawyer could file a motion to suppress such evidence. If the motion is granted, it could positively impact a person’s case. A motion to suppress evidence may also be applied in scenarios where police fail to obtain a search warrant or commit a search that extends outside the warrant. In these situations, a lawyer who is familiar with the methods of collecting evidence in Lubbock drug cases could argue against the validity of the search.

Another way an attorney could help dispute the validity of evidence regards the actual testing of the substance. For example, a lab may conduct a test on a substance inaccurately or may have contaminated the evidence submitted by the prosecution. A lawyer could request that such evidence be dismissed.

Drug possession cases often involve an undercover police officer. A skilled defense attorney could dispute the credibility of the officer, especially if the officer has a history of using questionable tactics.

Consult a Reliable Lawyer About Evidence Used in Lubbock Drug Cases

Evidence in Lubbock drug cases can come in many different forms. The ways law enforcement may attempt to obtain such evidence also vary. In some cases, the methods that law enforcement employs to obtain certain evidence are not admissible in court. A lawyer who is well-versed in drug cases could dispute the validity of the search and work to refute the charges. Someone who has been accused of any type of drug offense should meet with an adept drug attorney immediately. In conclusion, call and schedule an appointment to start examining your potential legal solutions.