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The unauthorized manufacture of a controlled substance violates the Texas Controlled Substances Act if the drug is manufactured knowingly. In these cases, serious penalties can be levied making it imperative that an experienced Lubbock drug manufacturing lawyer is contacted immediately. An experienced drug lawyer can work to build a defense and ensure that the individual’s rights are protected throughout the entirety of the legal process.

What Manufacturing Means

For the purpose of that Act, “manufacture” means to produce or prepare a controlled substance, other than marijuana. Manufacturing also includes propagating or cultivating in the case of a controlled substance (other than marijuana) that grows naturally. In addition, packaging a controlled substance falls within the definition of manufacturing.

A controlled substance can be manufactured by combining chemicals. Or by synthesizing or extracting the substance from a plant or other natural substance. For example, extracting opium from a poppy would be regarded as manufacturing opium. Refining opium to produce morphine or combining morphine with acetic anhydride to produce heroin would also be examples of manufacturing.

In recent years, methamphetamine has been the drug most dealt with by drug manufacturing attorneys in Lubbock. While many drugs, including heroin and cocaine, are usually manufactured in other countries and imported into the Texas, methamphetamine is commonly manufactured within the state’s borders.

Penalties For Drug Manufacturing

The potential penalty for manufacturing depends on the controlled substance involved in the offense. Nearly all controlled substances other than marijuana are assigned to a penalty group. Consult the list of controlled substances on our Texas Drug Crimes page to find articles that discuss the controlled substances commonly involved in Texas criminal prosecutions before calling and scheduling a consultation with a Lubbock drug manufacturing lawyer.