Lubbock Drug Paraphernalia Penalties

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Drug offenses are taken very seriously in Lubbock, and they are prosecuted seriously. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a class C ticket. Meaning there is a fine of up to $500 but does not involve jail time. That case can be filed in one of several courts. Prosecutors look at possession of drug paraphernalia as a thing that might lead to the use of drugs. So they will want to take care of it quickly and effectively.

It can be filed in the Justice of the Peace courts in Lubbock County. If the Texas Tech police department arrests a person. That case will be filed in Justice of the Precinct Number Four because JP4 handles that area of Texas Tech. If you are facing drug paraphernalia penalties in Lubbock, a distinguished drug lawyer can help you mitigate your charges.

Texas Tech police department will not have its own court system for the criminal cases. They will for the student cases, and so if a student gets caught by Texas Tech police department with possession of drug paraphernalia. They will also have to deal with the issue of the student judicial conduct. This would be one of many potential Lubbock drug paraphernalia penalties as an attempt to punish the individual for violating the Texas Tech’s morality or student code of conduct.

Penalty Dismissals

If the individual does not express signs of possession with intent. Then the state or the government will have a harder time enforcing Lubbock drug paraphernalia penalties. The other issue that is a concern, and this is why it is important to have a lawyer instead of trying to take care of it themselves. If a person gets a conviction on this class C ticket. It will remain on a person’s record forever.

It is important for an individual, if they get terms for dismissals or, at worse, get it deferred, get it worked out to try to keep that conviction off of the person’s record because they do not want again later on down the line someone seeing the conviction for a drug offense even though it is a minor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Impact of Substance Association

The most law enforcement will charge a person with if the police find only paraphernalia is a class C ticket. If within the paraphernalia, there is a usable amount or a trace amount, like a bong, and there is a usable amount of marijuana in that bong, then they will get charged with not only the possession of the paraphernalia but also with the felony or the misdemeanor case associated with it.

Someone can face Lubbock drug paraphernalia penalties for something as common as spoons. Spoons are something used every day to eat with. But spoons are also used to heat up and liquefy some drugs including a cocaine base. If that is the case and the police catch the person and the spoon still has the illegal substance on it or even a trace amount, then they will oftentimes file the felony case as well.